Using this plugin you can quickly renumber the sheets. If you have to manually loop through all drawing sheets to write a sheet number, this program will radically speed up your work. Just call the command PNO (PageNo), and it will find the blocks with the attribute "PageNo" and would put numbers.

In addition the plugin can:

·         Write the total number of sheets.

·         Look for the names of the sheets and make a table of contents.

·         Copy the contents to the clipboard for pasting into a text box, table or in a TXT file, Word, Excel.

·         Skip the table of contents row with the same name.

·         Customize the names of desired attributes.

·         Set the first page number.

·         Insert table of contents into Autodesk® AutoCAD® tables.

With the program free of charge commands works with tables "Paste To Table" (PTT) and "SplitTable". As you know, you cannot just copy the cells from Excel and paste them into AutoCAD. This defect is partly compensated by the command "Paste To Table". With its help, you can insert in the AutoCAD table any texts separated by tabs and line breaks. Including data copied to the clipboard using the "PNo" command. And the command "SplitTable" will help to send to the printer a table that does not fit into one layout.

According to your request I can optimize the command for the standards of your company. Offer your price.


Plugin compatible with AutoCAD 2012 and newer,  x32 and x64. Tested on Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical, but all over vertical must work. There is a English and Russian localization. Names of attributes, title of table, columns names are translated into Italian and German.

Trial version:

 You can use this software without time limits. But activating window will periodically appear on the screen. To disable it you can donate and I will give you an activation key.

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About This Version

Version 2018.3, 4/12/2018
Refilling the page numbers if the number of layouts has changed while writing the content table. Fixed error eInvalidExtentions Start number for page numeration Integrated updated command Paste To Table Integrated TableSplit command Paste To Table options button Added Options arrow into ribbon panel

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