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SoftDraft QuickBlockS Imperial

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Quick Block is a user-friendly software designed to assist in the creation of Concrete Masonry Unit (C.M.U.) Block Coursing for Wall Sections and Details. The software provides a straightforward and effortless dialog box interface that simplifies the process of creating C.M.U. Block coursing, saving time and minimizing the chances of errors.


One of the significant advantages of Quick Block is the flexibility it provides in the creation of C.M.U. Block types, joint selections, and wall thicknesses. By selecting the desired options within the dialog before placement, users can create an unlimited variety of C.M.U. Block designs with ease.


Using Quick Block is a breeze. Once the user has made the necessary selections, they can begin the block placement process by clicking on the starting point. The software takes care of the rest, automatically generating the required blocks and coursing, thus streamlining the process and freeing up valuable time.


In addition to Quick Block, the creators of the software also offer Quick Brick App, which assists in Brick Coursing for Wall Sections and Details. This application complements Quick Block and provides users with the flexibility to create brick designs alongside C.M.U. blocks, making it a versatile tool for designing walls of different materials.


The installer is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 to 2025 (including other vertical products).

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Version 15.0.0, 3/7/2024
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