AutoMask Add A Wipeout Mask To Arcs And Circles

AutoMask Add A Wipeout Mask To Arcs And Circles

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The Only method to add a Wipeout Mask to Arcs, Circles, or Polylines with Arc Segments. Add a Wipeout mask to blocks using Polylines with Arcs, Circles, or Multiple Points in Autodesk® AutoCAD®.

Let's face it hatching around blocks or breaking lines to insert symbols is a pain and a lot of extra work.

Wouldn't be great if you could just simply place the block on the line and have the line disappear without having to break it!

How about adding a window block to an exterior elevation and having the brick hatch pattern disappear regardless of where the window block is placed?


AutoMask takes advantage of the AutoCAD Wipeout command's masking feature in AutoCAD but extends its capabilities beyond the Square/Rectangular or Multi-Point Closed Polylines. Now you can also add wipeout masks to Arcs, Circles, and Polylines with Arc Segments. AutoMask makes the task of adding a wipeout mask to an object much easier and gives your symbols the ability to make things disappear. Your Block/Symbol libraries will never be the same, no more hatching around symbols with unexpected results, or breaking lines so that the drawing looks correct. Look at some of the samples in the screenshots below.



  • Add a Mask to All Your Symbols with and without Arc or Circular Segments
  • Easily Add a Mask by Selecting a Single Arc Segment
  • Add a Mask to a circle by selecting the circle
  • Option for the Mask to be placed in Front or Behind the Selected Object
  • Add a Mask to a closed polyline by selecting the polyline
  • Mask a closed polyline with Arc Segments Included
  • Quickly Add a Rectangular Mask by Selecting the Lower Left and Upper Right Corners
  • Select an Unlimited Number of Points to Create a Mask Area 

This Application takes advantage of the AutoCAD Wipeout and Draworder commands and extends the wipeout ability to arcs and circles.


The installer is compatible with AutoCAD from 2012 to 2023 (including other vertical products).

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Version 14.0.0, 2/28/2023
Initial Release.

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