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If your production is used CNC milling machines, you will probably have to prepare the outlines of parts before exporting to CAM program. Not enough to make flat shots from 3D solid. It need to remove the lines overlay and intersection, convert splines to arcs, close a polylines to loops, assign the right layers according to the type of processing. All this work can be done by regular means of Autodesk® AutoCAD®. But it is a long time and you cannot see a lot of mistakes. To speed up the making loops are commands from this plugin.

The program can:

- Make flat shots from 3D Solids without any question.

- Distribute the line of flatshots in layers (visible and invisible separately)

- Make flat shot from PolyFaceMeshes and any other AutoCAD objects

- Finding in a heap of lines the contours of parts, choose the maximum of them and label it as the contours for outside milling.

- Finding the maximum closed loop in a set of intersecting lines and arcs.

- Finding nested contours and distribute them in layers - for outside and inside milling.

- Closing contour of dadoes (grooves, mortises, pocket or rabbets) into the loop with using fragments of outside contour of workpiece.

- Generate arc for the circular cutter approach in the internal corner of a workpiece (full cut out of corner).

- Generate a cut out surface at the inner corner of the 3D-solid.

- Generate arc to exit milling cutter out of the dado loop on the edge of the details (instead of the usual stretching dado loops).

- Check that the cutter given diameter will pass dado, automatically extend the dado loop.

- Convert splines and ellipses to lines and arcs with a given tolerance (the maximum deviation from the original curve).

- Project 3d splines and 3d polyline on the XY plane for conversion into ordinary polyline.

- Inverting the wrong arc whose NormalZ = -1.

- Work with the object “2d polyline”, which occurs when the explosion texts using TXTEXP command.

- Restore the circle from ellipses and splines, when you projected cylinder (the hole in the Solid) crookedly.

- Optimize the number of polyline segments and remove the extra line joints.

- Ignore the small occasional gaps.

- Remove the small waste objects. Glue tiny trimming lines into full lines and arcs.

- Delete lines superimposed one on top of another or too close to another.

- Replacing small chains of lines with arcs and vice versa, too straight arc with a line.

- Correct slightly inclined horizontals and verticals.

- Use UCS, project all curves on XY plane of current UCS.

- Filter selected lines, ignoring the invisible and auxiliary by layer and linetype.

- Set up tolerances, both in size and in angle.

- Enable or disable management of layers.

- Find big dado loops and set layer Pocket for it.

- Specify the diameter of the holes in the name of drilling layer (for diameters no longer cutter).

- Specify the desired depth in the name of dado or pocket layer (As indicated in the settings).


A special mention is the command "NC Prepare" (NCP), which maximizes automation of contouring by solids. The command itself calculates the depths of milling, the incline of the saw blade, sets the overall dimensions and dimensions for the side drillings, indicates the diameters of the drilling, corrects the heights of the texts.


This program does not replace the CAM-program. It does not create G-codes and it not contain nesting module for lay out details on the sheet. The program has a different task - to prepare accurate DWG-circuits for export; to technologist easily made 2d processing program at any CAM program.


According to your request I can optimize the command for the standards of your company. Offer your price.


Plugin compatible with AutoCAD 2012 and newer,  x32 and x64. Tested on s of Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical, but all over vertical must work. There is full English and Russian localization. Names of options, layers and linetypes compatibility to German and Italian localization. If you want to translate program into your language - I will help you free of charge.


I can provide to you 7-days full-functional demo. You can get the latest version from my site in folder "PLUG-INS" file AVC_CNC_n_n.7z.You can find drawings for test program in a folder "Example DWG".


For activation you must donate $100. After it install demo and run AutoCAD. Call any A>V>C> command. In activation window you must enter your e-mail and press "Repeat request" button. I will send you activation code as soon as possible. Required to activate within 7 and days after installation. 

You can enter the activation key when you first access any command. And you can also call the activation window again from the AutoCAD Options dialog.

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Version 2018.3, 4/10/2018
AutoCAD 2019 ready Fixed FLT MText rotation error New version of FLT command Unitless drawings are recognized as Inch drawings if a fractional length format is specified. Fixed DDL bug - in Other contours the depth was erased and the pocket were not recognized. Fixed IC error - the contour shifted to 0 coordinates. Fixed OSL error - crash on splines projected in a line. Fixed a bug in the command Outside Loop (OSL) - an error of projection of polylines and splines in some coordinate systems UCS

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  • Fantastico
    Paolo Coter | December 16, 2016

    Un altro ottimo plugin per risparmiare ulteriore tempo. Uno strumento davvero utile ! Grazie!

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