Removing Holes

Removing Holes



It often happens that it is necessary to redo the model of the finished structure, in which all the fastening holes have already been made. For example, change the type of fasteners, change the hinges on the doors. However, removing the holes from each solid separately is a long time. It is especially difficult to do this when parts are combined into many blocks-assemblies. The RemHoles command will come to your aid. The program will find and remove all round holes by itself, even inside blocks. The command knows how to deal with Autodesk® AutoCAD® glitches, in many cases saving solids from irreparable damage.


Features of the program:

- Search for closed cylindrical surfaces in 3D solids.

- Search for solid parts inside blocks and nested blocks (can be disabled)

- Filtering (that is, excluding from processing) parts by layers.

- Removing holes smaller than the specified diameter.

- Delete only drills (according to the settings of the current NC preparation style)

- Removal of all solid holes at once (fast), or removal of holes one by one (slow). The latter allows in many cases to save the solid from destruction due to glitches in AutoCAD.

- In AutoCAD, the program will try to remove the circle on the surface, which AutoCAD often leaves after removing the holes.

- You can customize the program through the AVC Options Palette or from the command line.

- The program outputs statistics to the command line - how many holes were removed and how many solids could not be processed.

- Regardless of the AutoCAD language, you can switch the plugin's dialogs and messages into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.


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To run the plugin, you will have to register account and top up your account balance or receiving bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:

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Version 2023.11.01, 12/15/2023
All updates for November 2023.

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