XREF Load Status Full

XREF Load Status Full

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This app allows for loading/unloading references in selected drawing files prior to fully opening the file.


When working many references or large references, this app will come in handy allowing the user to select the desired drawing they wish to open, selecting reload or unload checkboxes, check the desired references to be modified, then click Save and Open.


The app opens the selected drawing database, makes the modification to the selected references, saves the drawing database, then opens the file for use. Full version has support for unlimited references and JPG, SID, TIF, DWF, PDF, and DGN files.


YouTube Presentation: http://youtu.be/HukQRMTq63k

Software EULA: http://www.redtransitconsultants.com/software-eula

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Version, 5/2/2019
Added 2020 product support. Added 2019 product support. No change in version number.

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  • Saved a lot of time
    Greg Battin | January 16, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    We had a job that some drawings had over 100 XREFs. This app allowed me to easily open a drawing without loading all of the XREFs so that I could make my simple edits and move along to the next drawing. Woth every penny for the full version. Thanks ~Greg

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