CableFilling is a program for the selection of cabletray systems for the electrical design. It supports a large extent the planner in his work and is characterized by ease of use and clarity.


  • With a few clicks you can set the desired cable combination together.
  • The desired max. Assignment, you can simply set and immediately see in the matrix of cabletrays, how far the individual trays are filled.
  • The support distances you can change in 0.5 m steps, starting from a free start value.
  • Easy filtering and sorting capabilities for manufacturers, cabletray types, etc.


The program is always up to date in the table of cabletrays, the calculation shows the results of 

  • Display the percentage allocation of the individual channels
  • Color coding based on the achievement of specified max. occupancy
  • Color coding for achieving the limit values of the max. load


With one click you can generate an Excel - List or print out the result of the investigation.


This is a 30 day trial version. 

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Verzió, 2016.04.12.

Initial Release

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  • Perfection
    Yusuf Hmoud | január 14, 2018

    Hello, Its wonderful app for AutoCAD.

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