Offset of Many Objects

Offset of Many Objects



To do offset with the usual _Offset command, you need to specify the distance, select one curve and specify the offset direction by clicking in an empty drawing field. And this applies to every curve. If you have a thousand objects, then you are forced to make two thousand exact clicks ... or go crazy halfway! The OMO (Offset of Many Objects) command can do all this in just one click. Select all the objects and call the OMO command - done. If everything is set up correctly, then you don’t have to do anything else.

The features of the program:
  • Instant offset of any number of various curves. Lines, Polylines, Polylin2d, Rays, Splines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses. Curves can even be in different planes.
  • Offset of closed curves without specifying a guide point. It is enough to configure the program in advance - offset inward or outward.
  • Offset many open curves, indicating a guide point only once.
  • You can offset immediately in both directions.
  • You can change the offset direction for the internal contours of the part, if the contour layers were assigned by the Outside Loop (OSL) or by NC Prepare (NCP).
  • You can repeat the offset as many times as necessary (Multi-Offset)
  • You can immediately delete the original curves.
  • You can assign a layer to new curves.
  • Filtering excess objects. Choose a lot of curves with a frame. Annotations, solid, blocks and other garbage will simply be silently ignored.
  • You can enable ignore open curves.
  • Slightly open curves can turn into closed ones.
  • The program does not stop on errors, but does all the offset, which will turn out. It can select and highlight curves whose offset has failed.
  • You can enter the distance when you call the command or use the distance from the settings without unnecessary queries.
  • You can configure up to nine offset styles with different settings and then quickly switch styles directly from the command line. Or from a macro on a homemade button.

Próbaverzió leírása

To run the plugin, you will have to register account and top up your account balance by making a donation or receiving bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:


Verzió 2020.11.1, 2023. 03. 29.
Added 2024 support.

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