A>V>C> Pro


If you like many programs A>V>C>, you can not exchange for small things, but use the "A>V>C> Pro" package. You will get all the benefits in 2D and 3D design, drawing sheet preparation, contour preparation for CNC, and automation of routine operations. The package contains absolutely all developments of A>V>C>.  
All commands are fully translated into Italian, German, Russian, and Chinese.

To run the plugin, you will have to register your account, top up your account balance or receive bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:

Annual license - 120 Euro or $130.

Unlimited license - 600 Euro. Free updates for 1 year.

The trial period is 20 days.

Attention! Before installing this set of programs, you must remove all other plugins A>V>C>.
To do this delete all subdirectories starting with “AVC” letters in the folder ApplicationPlugins. And run Autodesk® AutoCAD® without plug-ins one time.
The plugin A>V>C> Pro includes the cuix- file with a convenient ribbon "All-in-1". On the ribbon tab, you can find all AutoCAD commands plus all the commands A>V>C>. You do not need to switch between tabs. And fans of the classic interface will finally be able to forget about it. 


Verzió 2023.09.05, 2023. 10. 19.
All updates for September 2023.

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    Mohamadk Mohamadk | június 23, 2023



  • Fantastico
    Paolo Coter | december 16, 2016

    Un altro ottimo plugin per risparmiare ulteriore tempo. Uno strumento davvero utile ! Grazie!

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