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MeteorCalc SL is a powerful CAD plugin for designing electrical parts of outdoor lighting networks such as street lighting and tunnel lighting installations. 


The main features of MeteorCalc SL are:


  • Calculation of short-circuit currents according to IEC60909 (last edition 2016); 
  • Calculation of voltage losses in street lighting feeders with an unbalanced load; 
  • Calculation of power sum and load currents in street lighting feeders and distribution panel boards; 
  • Automated computation of specifications and explications of equipment; 
  • Automated drawing of single-line schemes of street lighting feeders.  


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Electrotechnical calculations

The program has a calculation process, which is open to monitoring. Every step of all the electrical calculations (including interim and auxiliary results) can be thoroughly checked on the user request. 

Build-in Help system contains detailed descriptions of all calculation procedures and recommendations for the selection of protective devices in street lighting feeders.


Specifications of equipment

The following specifications are available: street lighting poles, pole foundations, luminaries, power cables, cable tracks, earthing devices, electrical equipment and internal wiring.

External reports with results of specifications and explications can be exported to an external spreadsheet application.  


Street lighting models and schemes

The MeteorCalc SL enables the creation of street lighting network models of any level of complexity. There are no restrictions on the number of branches in street lighting feeders. 

Drawing accurate and detailed schemes of street lighting feeders is very simple with the MeteorCalc SL. Single-line schemes will be drawn automatically from a feeder start point to each selected endpoint.


Data libraries 

There is a built-in database of cables used in the networks of street lighting. We permanently expand the cable database and we’ll add new cable types according to customer requests. 

A customizable Data Library for street lighting units (with luminaires, street lighting poles and foundations) is intended for repeated use in your projects. 


Compatibility and localization

MeteorCalc SL has localized versions for different regions because there are different types of power cables and different electrotechnical calculation settings in various countries. 

Just tell us, where are you from, and we will make and provide a corresponding regional version to you.

MeteorCalc SL supports the 230/400V (TN) 50Hz voltage systems in street lighting networks and the Metric system of units in dwg-files. The nominal voltage is adjustable within 220/380V - 250/440V according to regional standards.


Connection with low-voltage distribution networks

There is the partner software named MeteorSpec LT. Any junction of low-voltage network simulated by the MeteorSpec-NETWORK can be used as a power supply point of a street lighting cabinet designed by the MeteorCalc SL.

You can find more information about the MeteorSpec LT on the website: 


Your advantage

MeteorCalc SL will help you to create high-quality street lighting projects, including accurate schemes, precise specifications, and detailed descriptions of equipment. The complex of electrical calculations carried out by MeteorCalc SL allows designing safe electrical installations.

The productivity of outdoor lighting designers increases several times when using this plugin.

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We wish you productive work with the MeteorCalc SL! 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

이 버전 정보

버전 3.1.4, 2021-04-27
3.1.4 Tested in AutoCAD 2022. The list of supported power cable databases has been expanded. New types of power cables added for Georgia 3.1.2 The list of supported power cable databases has been expanded significantly. New types of power cables added for Argentina, China, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey. 3.1.0 New brief Help system “Getting Started” and new starting window “Welcome to MeteorCalc SL”. New command MTR-SL-GET-EXAMPLE opens a dwg-example localized to the cable database installed for your location. New opportunities in the „Power Cable Data“dialog window. The user can automatically replace an unknown cable type with a similar cable type from the installed cable database. 3.0.8 Tested in the AutoCAD 2021 3.0.6 New command „Recalculate Feeder“. Now you can with one click recalculate all previously defined calculation points in a feeder. 3.0.2 Since version 3.0 a distribution panelboard may have two variants of a power supply source: a transformer or a start point. Any junction of low-voltage distribution network simulated by the MeteorSpec-NETWORK software can be used as a power supply point of a street lighting cabinet designed by the MeteorCalc SL. The MeteorCalc SL 3.0 and the partner software MeteorSpec-NETWORK can work as combined complex. Added AutoCAD 2020 support.

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