TL L-System Generator

TL L-System Generator



An L-system or Lindenmayer system is a parallel rewriting system and a type of formal grammar. An L-system consists of an alphabet of symbols that can be used to make strings, a collection of production rules that expand each symbol into some larger string of symbols, an initial "axiom" string from which to begin construction, and a mechanism for translating the generated strings into geometric structures. L-systems were introduced and developed in 1968 by Aristid Lindenmayer, a Hungarian theoretical biologist and botanist at the University of Utrecht. Lindenmayer used L-systems to describe the behaviour of plant cells and to model the growth processes of plant development. L-systems have also been used to model the morphology of a variety of organisms and can be used to generate self-similar fractals.

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This app provides a GUI interface for generating L-Systems inside Autodesk® AutoCAD®.


  • Native AutoCAD GUI palette interface
  • Unlimited number of rules
  • Fully customizable Grammar in a dedicated tab
  • Stochastic/probabilistic rules support
  • Automatic randomization of length and angle parameters
  • Interactive geometry generation
  • Detailed command line output for debugging
  • Load/Save custom L-System definitions from/to an XML file
  • A Pre-set library with 50 example L-System definitions
  • Max Output Sentence length control
  • AutoCAD Line and Point objects supported with optional automatic grouping

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버전 2023.1.21.1, 2023-03-22
Initial Release.

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