Miter Joint


In the furniture industry, carpentry, woodworks and at exhibitions, the connection of two sheet parts "Miter joint" is often used. This connection is used when it is necessary to saw off the edges of the parts not at a right angle, but at 45 degrees so that the parts can be glued into a right angle. The connection is not difficult to model using regular Autodesk® AutoCAD® tools, but you need to either drag the edges of two solids, or glue two rectangular parts together with the _Union command, and then cut them with the _Slice command, defining the cutting plane at three points. To save you time on cutting, I came up with a simple Miter command. Instead of a dozen clicks, it is enough for you to click once on any linear edge of the solid and the program itself will measure the angle between adjacent surfaces, itself and build a section plane and call _slice itself.


Program features

  • No settings required.
  • The edge through which the cut will pass can be arbitrarily located in space.
  • The angle between the parts is not necessarily straight (90°). The program will build a bisector of any angle.
  • Surfaces adjacent to the edge do not have to be flat at all - these may be the surfaces of a cylinder or cone. The angle will be measured tangentially.
  • You can select an edge before calling the Miter command, or after calling.
  • Command perfectly complements the AVC_Slice command (ASL = VO). Select immediately a couple of solid surfaces via Ctrl, peel them together, and cut for miter joint.
  • The program runs in a loop until you press Esc. You can cut as many details as you like at a time.
Download the plugin in the AVC_Miter_nnnn_nn.7z archive.

이 버전 정보

버전 2020.10.1, 2021-03-24
Added 2022 support (No change in version number).

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  • Благодарность
    Boyarinova Nataly | 12월 26, 2019

    Очень удобный плагин, при работе с сложными по форме изделиями, где много ломаных поверхностей, просто не заменим. Время работы сокращает в разы и бережет нервную систему) Большая благодарность разработчику.


    Alexandr Chernishev (게시자) | 12월 27, 2019


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