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Create pocketing tool path for closed 2D geometries. The created tool path can be used in CNC machines for pocketing operation.


Pocketing operation needs a toolpath which covers the entire inside area of the geometry.


This app automates the process of creation of these pocketing tool paths.


The output of the software can be imported into any CAM software for converting to Gcodes.


Standalone windows software version of PocketCAM availabe at AutoCAM2D.com website.


This app is a 30-day trial version that can be downloaded and used and tested for 30 days for free. 


You can buy a 6 months license by paying $4.99 to our PAYPAL ID : SUPPORT@AUTOCAM2D.COM.


You can buy a lifetime license by paying $19.99 to our PAYPAL ID : SUPPORT@AUTOCAM2D.COM.

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Wersja 1.1.0, 11.10.2019
Updated for 2020 (No change in version number).

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