Evacuations Cad-Projects 1.1.0

Evacuations Cad-Projects 1.1.0




The Evacuaciones Cad-Projects 1.1.0 application calculates distances from a few blocks called PTS, which are automatically inserted in an orderly manner around other blocks called EXITS, in an iteration that makes these PTS would be distributed across all the surface, whenever not found any obstacle in its path, finally obtaining a grid with the distance from each PTO to its nearest EXIT.


The grid that is created can be up to four different sizes - according to the Point Size in meters - 0.25, 0.50, 1 or 2. With smaller grids more accurate results are obtained, but the computation time may be longer.  


Another parameter that influences the calculation is the, Propagation Radius that is the maximum distance used for each new PTO to be inserted as radius to determine which PTOS near and around it are better to be used as EXIT.

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Version, 12.04.2016

Original release. Created English and Spanish versions.

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