LAYEREXPERT – Custom Layer Viewer

LAYEREXPERT – Custom Layer Viewer

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Design Software
Create and name multiple layer groups and to turn on one such group/Batch and turn off others.

General Usage Instructions

Creates multiple layer groups that allow the user to turn on one group and turn off others. The user can create, edit, load and save group setting files for different purposes. The latest used layer group file will be saved in the drawing (DWG dictionary database) for future use and reference.

When opened for the first time, the list will be empty and the user will need to use the Add button to create groups or layers and give them a name (see the Add new Groups section).

Pick to highlight one and pick the OK button or double pick a group to activate.

To load/use multiple groups, select layer Groups in the list using <SHIFT> (to select adjacent layer Groups) or <CTRL> (to select both adjacent and non-adjacent layer Groups) and then pick OK. All the layers included with the Group(s) will now remain ON/Visible and all others not selected in these group(s) will be turned off. The toolbar will allow the single pick of a group.

Use the Show Toolbar button to use a floating or docked pallet that will have a list of groups to use while in a drawing session.



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Create and name multiple layer groups and to turn on one such group/Batch and turn off others


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