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The Irrigation F/X plugin adds tools specific to irrigation design to your CAD interface. Quickly spec equipment, layout your system, size pipes, error check, and place schedules.

General Usage Instructions

The Irrigation F/X Add-On adds a whole set of tools to your Autodesk® AutoCAD® interface making your job working with Irrigation Designs even easier.

Create a New Project - The first step in working with our software is creating a new Land F/X project. Each project is essentially a database that you associate with an AutoCAD DWG.

Set the Scale & Units - The scale of your DWG plays a critical role in how information and symbols are displayed, how they will appear in the final product, and, in the end, how they will plot. 

Irrigation Preferences - It's important to review the Irrigation Preferences, as these settings will establish the general look and feel of your irrigation designs, as well as a set of symbols you will use for callouts and spray heads. The Irrigation Preferences screen includes settings for the valve callouts, pipe data, and irrigation schedules and reports. 

Equipment Definitions - Breaks down the visual components you'll use during your design process. These components are available in our equipment database, allowing you to spec them and use them in your irrigation plans while designing a system using AutoCAD.

Add Irrigation Equipment to Your Irrigation Manager - The Irrigation Manager organizes and displays irrigation equipment and components, allows for adding or importing irrigation data and controls the water source data and pipe type and data. 

Schematic Irrigation - This feature helps you develop a quick initial analysis of what your approximate demand and system requirements might be.

Place Equipment - Once you've added equipment of your desired type, they and their related symbols will be automatically available to place in your DWG, along with all performance data relating to the design pressure you've selected. 

Irrigation Layout Tools - A series of Layout Tools that provide a variety of methods for placing irrigation heads, valves and other equipment quickly throughout your DWG.

Circuiting - Provides a quick and flexible method of grouping the heads in your design into valve stations. You can use our Circuiting tool to determine the necessary number of valves for each head type in your DWG.

Draw Lateral and Mainline Pipe - Separate tools for drawing the lateral and main pipe in your designs.

Check for Errors | Verify Laterals / Verify Mainline - Respectively these tools check each pipe type to ensure you haven't missed any heads or otherwise drawn laterals incorrectly and checks your mainline for errors related to piping, valves, controllers and callouts. 

Size Lateral Pipe - Making sizing lateral pipes simple, quick and accurate. You can size lateral lines by either sizing one valve at a time or sizing the entire lateral system in one operation. 

Valve Schedule - This tool will give you a list of information about the valves (or stations) used in the design, the types of heads connected to them, their size, flow, pressure required at the valve and at the POC, and the precipitation rate of the heads on that valve. 

Size Mainline - Calculate the mainline flow rate and velocity for a single or multiple valve(s) opening at the same time, as well get see your calculated pipe size and more.

Critical Analysis - Generates a report placed into your DWG, that provides the flow and pressure statistics of your irrigation system design. 

Pipe Labels - Show the diameters of the mainline and lateral pipes in your system designs. When you size your pipes, the labels will appear automatically.

Valve Callouts - Calling out a valve will create a symbol listing the valve's number, flow and size.

Irrigation Schedule - A list of the equipment used in the project. If you choose, it can include quantities and detailed references. You can place the Irrigation Schedule in the DWG or send it to a spreadsheet for cost estimation.

Watering Schedule - When you size an irrigation system, it will determine the precipitation rate that results from the actual head layout - not just some theoretical value. With this rate of water application knows, the time required to apply a certain amount of water can be displayed in a report known as the Watering Schedule. 

Runtime Schedule - This will mimic what a "smart" irrigation controller will do. It will also group valves together (if desired) and determine the most efficient runtime representing the capability of the mainline. 




Download and run Setup_IrrigationFX.exe.

Once you download the installer from the Autodesk App Store you should receive an email from Land F/X with your Support ID, you'll use this during the installation.

On the Support ID window enter the Support ID you received in your email and click Next to continue. NOTE: An internet connection is required in order to install/utilize the plugin as our libraries are all cloud-based. 

Choose your destination folder and follow the onscreen prompts to install the software.  


Open Add or Remove Programs

Locate and uninstall Irrigation F/X.

Additional Information

Irrigation F/X includes the following ribbons and tools: F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Details, F/X Planting, and F/X Irrigation

Planting F/X includes: F/X Admin, F/X Site, F/X Details, and F/X Planting

Design F/X includes: F/X Admin, F/X Details

Only one of our plugins may be installed at a time, in order to install a different version (i.e. Design F/X, Planting F/X, Irrigation F/X) the currently installed edition must be removed first.

Known Issues


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Land F/X

Support Information

- +1 805-541-1003

Ask questions to us directly instead of in the reviews below, and get a faster response (same day).

Version History

Version Number Version Description


HotFix: Bloom Schedule, supports running on plants in xref. HotFix: Size Lateral Pipes, with single length Dripline and spot elevations, system correctly accounts for elevation of last segment of dripline.


AutoCAD 2019 no longer supported. Plant Schedule, ability to re-generate legacy schedules. Plant Schedule, ability to edit existing schedules. Plant Schedule, additional secondary common name languages added: Croatian, Chamorro, Lithuanian, Dutch. Plant Schedule, Space between plants setting, when displaying Symbols or Photos, affects row height. Lighting, Fixture callouts, support attribute tag VOLT of calculated voltage. HotFix: Sorting of plant sizes re-engineered for better performance with extremely large size lists. HotFix: Plant Schedule, when showing symbols for trees or shrubs, row is slightly taller than symbol size. HotFix: Plant Schedule, when including concept plants, with symbols, concept member rows are vertically aligned middle. HotFix: Plant Schedule, plants with differing case versions of plant group are correctly included. HotFix: Plant Schedule, including cost without quantity, cost appears correctly. HotFix: Photo Callout, compatible with AntView 1.1.


Civil and Survey Manager, Northing/Easting Points, Delete, also deletes point in drawing. Grading Legend, renamed to Civil and Survey Legend, also added to language strings for customization. HotFix: CONCEPTSCHEDULE_NEW, rounding of quantities in labels matches precision in schedule.


PrintHatches command created, pending integration into Preferences. HotFix: Editing a Schematic Irrigation item, unselecting a default will not generate an error. HotFix: Common function to process a polygonal boundary, missing irrigation functions will not generate an error. HotFix: RefNotes, manufacturer-based hatch patterns, download on demand. HotFix: Plant Color Render, block size calculation uses the same method for color and 2D blocks. HotFix: Highlight Station, when selecting a circuit zone, adjustable spray heads with embedded data are calculated correctly.


Edit irrgation equipment, dialog box code upgraded to latest standards. Place irrigation head, embedded data is applied when in an imperial plan. Insert Detail Template, 1" = 5' added to imperial scales. Editing Groundcovers, Stipple able to convert to/from standard hatch. Mimic, supports selecting Stipple as source or destination. Startup, BLOCKMRULIST set to 0. PolyOptimize, dialog switched to Modeless; multiple minor improvements with processing logic. HotFix: Circuiting, a zone set to All Drip will not double count free-standing emitters placed in drip areas. HotFix: Uniformity, non-contiguous heads will not generate error. HotFix: RefNotes, additional validation when attempting to detect embedded material data. HotFix: Plot scale validation, does not regard 1" = 1' Decimal as an invalid scale. HotFix: Circuit, recalculating an existing zone, in a Metric plan, heads with variable flow are totaled correctly. HotFix: Irrigation Manager, adding Bubbler to project, in a metric plan, flow is expressed in l/min regardless of flow preference.


ENTERPRISE command, merged into Install Info dialog from Preferences. BatchMan, Nuke option added to save options. BatchMan, Layer Names and Colors functionality improved with pre-scanning of files, and new dialog box. Size Mainline, Select Valves, dialog box migrated to OpenDCL. HotFix: Plant Schedule, when re-generating multiple schedules, Plant Data field association is correctly retained. HotFix: RefNote Schedule, site amenity material color data is removed from description. HotFix: Watering Schedule, when sending to Excel, system uses Windows and Excel numeric preferences for decimal separator. HotFix: Common function to determine if object is inside of area, for Multileaders uses arrow end-point if possible. HotFix: Mimic, when windowing pipe, only affects the same class as first segment selected.


HotFix: Size Lateral Pipes, Dripline area in a metric plan with GPM/PSI, precip rate is correctly converted to mm/h. HotFix: New UCS, Restore UCS, when associating a UCS with a work area, illegal comma (,) character is translated to underscore (_). HotFix: Irrigation Preferences, option for Pipe callout layer per class, single length Dripline in drawing will not generate error. HotFix: Piping, when placing a fitting on an existing pipe segment, new segments retain original size.


HotFix: Adding irrigation equipment to project, in a metric plan, will not exit with "no data found for this model."


RefNotes, Site Amenities store Model ID for future linking with additional data.


HotFix: Welcome screen, will not appear blank with Chromium browser installed.


Cloud Data, all data calls standardized as Post operations. HotFix: Plant Shadows, drawing corrupted to the point of being a hot mess, will not generate error. HotFix: All manager palettes, when switching to a blank drawing from one that has run an update, will not generate error. HotFix: Critical Analysis, water source with V1 data will not generate error. HotFix: Edit Plant, selecting a Concept plant without palette open will not generate error. HotFix: Detail Manager, Renumber, additional error handling for detail missing number assignment. HotFix: Plant Schedule, accounts for plants with mixed case versions of same group.


Add Plant dialog, updated with faster database searching and streamlined search options. Edit RefNote dialog, Symbol, Color, and Photo, options consolidated into dialog. Drawing lighting wiring, supports right click to repeat. HotFix: RefNotes, do not mistakenly display schematic irrigation areas. HotFix: Match Object, using keyboard commands to advance to next block, downloads missing blocks from correct source folder. HotFix: Highlight Station, highlights drip areas when called from manager or directly selecting drip hatch.


All schedules, with output to Table, table style LAFX-SCHEDULE created. Custom Line, linetype created with text rotation set to Upright. HotFix: Detail Explorer, dragging and dropping folders, correctly aborts if existing category of same code. HotFix: Placing spray heads using Smart Arc, using symbols with rotating arc indicator, right clicking for Full circle works correctly. HotFix: Placing Concept Ground Covers, respects preference setting of Ground covers exclude shrubs. HotFix: Uniformity, allows selecting a circuiting zone. HotFix: Drawing Pipe, when creating a fitting within an existing pipe segment, new unsized segements are compatible with manually assigning a size.


Irrigation Preferences, Spray family preferences removed; spray symbols chosen when adding to project; new default symbol families include a rotating arc indicator. HotFix: Verify Lighting, wire that has had one of its connected items deleted, will not generate error. HotFix: Irrigation Manager, Import, does not import any equipment that already exists in the current project.


Lighting, drawing wiring, able to toggle between drawing lines and arcs. Lighting Schedule, includes work area title. Startup, RegApp warning dialog, timeout limited to 30 seconds, Quit button added. Plant Labels, support code within parentheses. HotFix: Placing a generic hatch, additional error handling for missing hatch data. HotFix: Edit Plant, assigning data to a generic plant, adding new plant to project will not generate error. HotFix: Plant Schedule, with plant data associated, re-generating will not alert about missing work area.


HotFix: Slope callout, selecting two spot elevations will not generate error.


Common function to place framed Mleader, automatically adds a mask. HotFix: Irrigation Schedule, rotors with two attributes will not generate error.


HotFix: Schematic Irrigation, placing a new area will not generate error.


Update 16.91 RefNote Manager, when importing items with assigned details and preference option to copy details to project folder, details are copied and reassigned. Detail Explorer, allows creating a detail category after index file has been erased; alerts user if path is invalid or file is damaged. HotFix: Match Properties, when windowing objects to replace, circles are only considered valid if one was chosen first. HotFix: Highlight Station, when selecting a valve placed in a drip area without any lateral pipe, pointer to drip area will not get duplicated; Verify Laterals removes duplicate drip area pointers from valves.


Update 16.90 Insert Detail Template, adjusts template width to match setting in Preferences; changes to detail template width do not require also making source block match exactly. Krona and Krone added to currency symbol options. HotFix: Copy Head Along Line, switching to half arc nozzle is compatible with fixed-arc rotors. HotFix: Plant Schedule, caches detail column lookup for better performance. HotFix: Valves placed within schematic areas without any lateral pipe, Verify Laterals will not cause their flow to be doubled. HotFix: Editing a Concept Graphics Area, Add Field button functionality restored.


Update 16.80 Verify Laterals, Highlight Station, Size Lateral Pipes, revised method of validating drip areas, resulting in better performance. HotFix: Northing/Easting Point callout, does not state "unknown command" during placement if block does not have a background mask. HotFix: RefNote Schedule, if Entire Palette is selected, quantity and xref options are disabled. HotFix: Lighting, Transformer callout VA value set from calculated load rather than fiixture VA total.


Update 16.70 Lighting callouts, supported tags updated and standardized. Lighting, verification calculations, callout updates offloaded to common function. HotFix: Edit Lighting Wire, editing cost for IEC 60228 wire will not generate error. HotFix: Common function to automate a framed Mleader, compatible with non-English AutoCAD installs. HotFix: Preferences, Block Layer Colors, saving of revised colors with local data will not generate error.


Initial release.



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