LotSpec for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

LotSpec for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

Win32 and 64, English

Options Management software for Home Builders. Automatically configure "Lot Specific" plan sets in minutes by selecting Options from a menu. Create Master Plan Sets using a powerful suite of tools.

General Usage Instructions

LotSpec is "Rule Based" Options Management software geared for Home Builders. Within an Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture / Autodesk® AutoCAD® MEP project users define a list of building "Design Options" then assign logic or "Option Rules" to individual or groups of objects within project drawings(Elements, Constructs, Views). Once all drawings are complete with Option Rules defined, users can automatically configure "Lot Specific"(AKA "Customer Specific" or "Job Start") plan sets in minutes by selecting options from a menu.

Included with LotSpec Pro version are tools for creating Master Plan Sets, advanced Option Tool tools, ability to run custom "Solve Routines", and an Automatic Dimensioning tool (sample Solve Routine).

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To get started...

  • Download and install the LotSpec App.
  • Create a new AutoCAD Architecture Project from scratch.
    • Do NOT select a Project Template.
    • Make sure "Use Relative Xref Paths" and "Match Sheet View Layers to View" are both set to "Yes".
  • From the LotSpec ribbon select "Edit Options".
    • Use the Edit Options palette to add Option Groups and Option Selections to your project. Perhaps start by adding 1 Group ("Elevations") with 3 Options with Codes ("elevA", "elevB" & "elevC").
  • Create a new Construct ("1st Floor") assigned to Level 1.
    • Open the 1st Floor Construct and draw a simple 30'x30' floorplan using ACA Wall Objects.
    • Break/Split sidewalls 24" back from front of floorplan allowing the front to be copied 3 times in the negative Y direction (delete the original).
    • Give each of the 3 copied fronts a unique look by adding jogs to the walls or adding Doors and Windows.
    • Next use the Poly Option tool to add a Poly Option around each front elevation design. Give each Poly Option a distinct rule ("elevA", "elevB", "elevC") along with setting the points to move FROM and TO so that walls are back in their original location. Select the "+" on Poly Option panel to show Option Labels.
      • Either type "elevA" in "Move If" box to define rule, or select "..." button to use rule builder dialog. 
  • Select "Solve Drawing" from LotSpec ribbon, check only the Elevation A option then hit "Ok".
    • This will copy your 1st Floor Construct, add -SOLVED to the filename, and configure the drawing for Elevation A
    • Close the -SOLVED drawing and repeat for Elevations B & C. Notice the floorplan for each -SOLVED drawing represents selected elevation design.
  • Next create a new View Drawing ("First Floor Plan") and select the 1st Floor Construct as Content.
    • This View is required in order to place floorplan on a sheet.
    • Nothing needs to be done to this View right now, close the file if opened.
  • Select "Solve Project" from the LotSpec ribbon, check only Elevation A, make sure all Project Files are selected on right side, then hit "Ok".
    • This will solve both 1st Floor Construct and First Floor Plan View creating a -SOLVED file in the SOLVED Category under Constructs and Views.
  • Now create a new Sheet Drawing ("A-1 FIRST FLOOR PLAN") and open the file.
    • From the Views tab on Project Navigator, drag the "First Floor Plan-SOLVED" View onto your new sheet.
  • Finally, repeat Solve Project for each Elevation Option, reloading Xref on new sheet after each solve. Notice the floorplan update to match selected elevation design.
  • Repeat these steps creating new Constructs, Views, Sheets and Options for other plans to complete your project.

To convert an existing project, repeat steps above while creating Constructs, Views, Sheets and Options as needed. Copy drawing objects from existing project(s) into Constructs\Views and assign option logic as needed.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Prompts user to select source object with In-Place Option information. Command then prompts user to select destination object(s) for copying In-Place Option information to.


Shows information about the current LotSpec version.


Labels all Object Options in drawing. A multileader with Option Rule is added near each object with an assigned Object Option.


Deletes all Property Option labels in drawing.


Opens the auto dimension block pallet for inserting and modifying auto dimension blocks.


Allows user to assign Option Rule along with displacement points to individual drawing objects. Assigned rules are evaluated against selected options during solve drawing process with objects returning a True result being relocated based on displacement points.


Allows user to assign Optional Values to Object Properties. Option Rules are evaluated during solve process with new value assigned to property for rules returning True result.


Allows user to assign Option Rule to individual drawing objects. Assigned rules are evaluated against selected options during solve drawing process with objects returning a False result being deleted. When selecting multiple objects, "like" Object Options are grouped and edited together. A selection dialog is shown when multiple distinct Object Options are found. The multiple selection dialog can be used to remove Object Option from object (s) by right-clicking and selecting Remove.


Deletes existing Text Option labels from drawing.


Labels all Poly Options in the drawing. An arc and label is drawn for each Poly Option condition showing the FROM and TO points along with Option Rule.


Allows user to assign Optional Text Value to Text Objects (Text, Multi-Text, Multi-Leader). Option Rules are evaluated during solve process with new text value being assigned to text object for rules returning True result.


Labels all Location Options in drawing.


Deletes existing Location Option labels from drawing.


Labels all Property Options in drawing.


Allows user to add/edit Poly Option. For new Poly Options, pick 2 points to define corners of polyline then define Option Rule along with FROM and TO points. Add multiple conditions in order to move objects to alternate locations based on rules. Leave FROM and TO blank in order to create an "Option Nest" to simplify logic on nested Poly Options. Select the Stretch Checkbox to instruct Poly Option to stretch objects instead of move. To edit existing Poly Option enter "E" for Edit, then select polyline. Poly Options are evaluated during solve drawing process with contents of each Poly Option being Moved, Stretched or Deleted accordingly. Note: For irregular shaped polylines first create polyline using typical tools then use E to edit existing polyline.


Deletes existing Poly Options labels from drawing.


Opens Quick Sheets pallet with tools for cloning sheets, along with find/replace functions for option set xrefs.


Solves selected Option Sets and Project Files. Use this to solve various plan configurations for assembling Master Plan Set.


Solves the current drawing (Element, Construct or View). Prompts user to select Options, Mirror Plan(Yes/No) along with Xrefs to be solved(for Views only). Current drawing (and selected xrefs) are copied to the "Solved Drawing Category" with "Solved Drawing Suffix" being added to file name. Copied drawing file (s) are opened and solved with all Object & Poly Options being evaluated against selected options, drawing mirrored as needed and update of Sections, Elevations and Schedules performed.


Tool for adding "Don't Mirror" box around drawing objects. Objects inside this box will NOT be mirrored during solve process if "Mirror" is selected.


Prompts user to select object(s), then draws a polyline representing geometric extents of all selected objects. This command is useful to determine necessary Poly Option box size in case where drawing object extents exceed visible graphics.


Deletes existing Object Option labels from drawing.


Deletes all existing Option labels from drawing.


Labels all Options in drawing.


Opens the Edit Options palette for editing available project Option Selections. Use this palette to define Option Groups and Selections, assign Default Options to Groups, and apply Selection Rules to Conflicting Options.


Solves all selected project files (Elements, Constructs and Views). Prompts user to select Options, Mirror Plan(Yes/No) along with all Project Files to be solved. Each selected project file is copied to the "Solved Drawing Category" with "Solved Drawing Suffix" being added to file name. Copied drawing file(s) are opened and solved with all Object & Poly Options being evaluated against selected options, drawing mirrored as needed and update of Sections, Elevations and Schedules performed.


Labels all Text Options in drawing.


Shows dialog to edit LotSpec Project Settings.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this plug-in from Autodesk App Store has already installed the plug-in. You may need to restart the Autodesk product to activate the plug-in. To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) or Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP), and uninstall as you would any other application from your system.

Additional Information

Known Issues

If not entitled to use LotSpec for Autodesk® AutoCAD®, you may receive notification twice on startup.


Company Name: LotSpec
Support Contact: jalbert@lotspec.com

Author/Company Information


Support Information

For support email jalbert@lotspec.com

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Version: 1.0.18 -Now checking for current open solved drawing before solving. -Added solving dialog during solve process. -Added test rule feature to rule builder dialog. -Added purge solved set files in edit option sets right-click menu. -Now creating selected options CSV files in root project folder when solving (for scheduling purposes on sheets). Version: 1.0.17 -Fixed bug with rule error near double open parentheses. -Fixed bug where object option rule builder deleting rule when hitting cancel. Version: 1.0.16 -Hotfix: Revised property option stored data to be treated as "Hard Element" to allow copy from drawing to drawing. Also fixed crash when gathering empty property options created prior to hotfix. -Hotfix: Fixed crash when selecting Solve Blocks tab in LotSpec settings. Version: 1.0.15 -Added lspcAutoDimBlock command for inserting Auto Dimension blocks. -Revised Auto Dim Blocks from dynamic with visibility states for orientations, to standard blocks with individual definitions for each orientation. Version: 1.0.14 -Removed Style Option tool. -Expanded Property Option tool to include StyleId, LayerId, LinteypeId, Color, etc. -Fixed issue with auto save file naming. Version: 1.0.13 -Now deleting "Don't Mirror" lines after solve when mirror not selected. -All LotSpec layers now created as not plot by default. Version: 1.0.12 -Added regen during solve after all layers turned on to ensure stretch options pick up all objects. Version: 1.0.11 -Fixed bug with layer renaming in solved option set views. Version: 1.0.10 -Added Quick Sheets command. Version: 1.0.9 -Fixed bug with re-path of data links during solve option sets. Version: 1.0.8 -LotSpec Server updates only. Version: 1.0.7 -Revised ribbon layout -Added top level menus where right-click functions available


Revised LotSpec Ribbon Added Linked Option file functionality Added Solve Block Definitions functionality Added Location Option command Added Match In-Place Options command Made Dynamic Block Parameters available in Property Option dialog Made Attribute Definitions available in Property Option dialog Added individual Option Label commands for each option tool Added Add/Delete All Option Labels command Added Codes to Option Groups for use in Rules


Fixed crashing during solve process caused by AutoCAD® 2018.1 update.


Minor changes to LotSpec ribbon. Revised File Option structure, now included in LotSpec settings dialog. Removed lspcAutoDimGenerate and lspcAutoDimSettings commands. Auto Dimension settings now included in LotSpec settings dialog. Auto Dimensions no longer require Solve Routine setup. Solve Routines UI revised in LotSpec settings dialog.


Renamed App from "LotSpec Pro" to "LotSpec for Autodesk® AutoCAD®" Support for LotSpec for Autodesk® Revit® Added File Option Tool to LotSpec pallet Added Text Option Tool


Added lspcShowObjectExtents command. Added Option Set Wizard tool to Option Sets Pallet right-click menu. Fixed bug with anchored Tags (and other non-hosted anchored AEC objects) not moving with Poly Option during Solve Process.


Support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture® 2018. Added Property & Style Option commands. Minor User Interface changes.


Initial Release
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