VECT2ARC – Vectorized Shapes to Arcs

VECT2ARC – Vectorized Shapes to Arcs

Win64, English

CAD Design Software
Converts arc shapes created with multiple vectors into smooth polyline arcs.

General Usage Instructions

This application converts arc shapes created with multiple vectors into smooth polyline arcs. The converter is best used to remove a large number of vertices that were set when creating an object using the Polyline command. Faceted circle shapes may also be converted to true Circles as well.

Basic Usage:

NOTICE Before Running: The command will convert and replace the original objects and will not preserve the original objects. If experimenting with values, we recommend either making copies of the objects or using the UNDO command and setting a Mark. This will allow you to run the routine and try out different values.

The VECT2ARC settings will convert vectorized or faceted shapes using an algorithm. It is best advised to measure objects and to measure the distances, as the program uses average ‘detection areas’ and the drawing’s current measurement units to compute the conversion.

Run the VECT2ARC command and a dialog appears.

In the Absolute edit box, specify a value for the maximum distance from the chords of the original polylines to the newly created Arcs and Circles.

In the Relative to Radius edit box, type a value to specify the maximum distance as a multiple of the radius of each newly created Arc.

Select the Make Circles When possible check box to enable the program to create a true Autodesk® AutoCAD® Circle object when detecting closed objects that simulate circular objects.

If the Make Circles When possible check box is not selected, then these objects will be converted using the values set and create closed polyline Arc objects instead.

Once all values are set in the dialog box, pick the OK button and a prompt will appear to enable object selection for conversion:

PROMPT: Select objects: Select a single closed boundary or window several (or pick multiple) to convert and press<Enter> when done selecting.



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Converts arc shapes created with multiple vectors into smooth polyline arcs.


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