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Docupoint - DrawingSearcher
The "Google®-like Search Engine for AutoCAD® (and MANY other CAD/Technical Documents)"

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Docupoint's "DrawingSearcher" software combines the power of full-text SEARCH with a standard easy-to-use web server, allowing users to find targeted information within any AutoCAD drawing, anywhere within an organization's thousands-and-thousands of drawings. With DrawingSearcher, organizations are able to quickly and easily bring large archives of DWG drawing files on-line for searching, browsing, viewing and collaboration.


Drawing files are automatically indexed by DrawingSearcher and made available to the user community in the DWF format where they can be accessed through a powerful yet easy-to-use web interface. DrawingSearcher is so easy to configure and use that many organizations report being up and running in less than an hour! DrawingSearcher integrates with the free Autodesk Design Review viewing application to provide an all-digital approach to view, print, measure, mark-up, and revise AutoCAD-created drawings.DrawingSearcher is a software application that works just like.



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Search Engine

Allows user to search and find any text anywhere within an entire organizations existing AutoCAD and related technical documents.


DrawingSearcher has a sophisticated SmartZoom™ command that allows the user to “jump” to each iteration of the text found throughout ALL of the occurrences of “washer” anywhere within the one AutoCAD drawing being interrogated.


Most users report getting DrawingSearcher completely up and running, with all drawings on-line, in a matter of hours. DrawingSearcher is packaged into a single download and the functionality is enabled with an Authorization Code upon purchase. As DrawingSearcher is a server-based product, it is installed on just one computer to provide the indexing and search services. Each client computer that accesses DrawingSearcher requires only the installation of the Design Review viewing application (free from Autodesk). You need to give administrator rights to install this product.

Additional Information

This product is available for 32-bit or 64-bit computer Servers.

This product supports files created with Microstation, too.

Known Issues

Some customers want to replace their Document Management System (DMS) with DrawingSearcher, but DrawingSearcher is a "SEARCH ENGINE" not a DMS. You can use DrawingSearcher all by itself (very productively) or to compliment a full-blown DMS which cannot "search" and/or "find" EVERYTHING in EVERY drawing without initially Tagging EVERY item in EVERY drawing (which no one does). DrawingSearcher does ALL the "crawling" of ALL drawings with NO human intervention, than the SEARCH finds EVERY instance in EVERY drawing, especially items that have never been Meta tagged.


Company Name: Docupoint - DrawingSearcher
Company URL: www.Docupoint.com
Support Contact: Support@Docupoint.com

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Docupoint - DrawingSearcher

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AutoCAD® 2016, including support for PDF on TabletsSmartphones, and all internet-connected PC's with a web-browser and access to technical documents (typically via VPN through your own firewalls that you already have in place to maintain 100% security).

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