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Quickly design drawings for HDD (Horizontal Directional Drill).

General Usage Instructions

Select a polyline that represents the drill line in the top view. Click where the polyline has the 2 endpoints.

Select the surface level and reference line where the profile side view will be drawn.

Fill in the depth the bottom of the drill line will be touching.

Fill in the diameter of the bore tunnel.

Fill in the angle left and right and the radius left and right.

Select if the entry point is on the left or on the right of the side view.

Click 'Draw HDD' to see the result of the filled-in parameters. Place the coordinates table. 

Check if there are no errors with the parameters, for example the radius is too big. You can edit the parameters to improve the design. Click 'Draw HDD' again to see the result of the parameters.

Click 'CoordTable' if you want to move where the table is in the drawing.

For an extra point in the side view use 'Extra point'.



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Known Issues


Company Name: ProCAD
Support Contact: info@pro-cad.nl

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Support Information

When you find any bugs or have suggestions about how to improve this program or have ideas for other programs please take the time to send me an email to info@pro-cad.nl. Try to recall what you did that resulted in the error or provide a drawing so I can debug properly. Thanks in advance!

Version History

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Added support for imperial units. Added a secondary style for dimensions.


Initial version
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