TotalBoundary (Pro) - fastest generator of outline

TotalBoundary (Pro) - fastest generator of outline

Win32 and 64, English

Debalance Research Group
TotalBoundary easily generates outlines of complex drawings.

General Usage Instructions

To launch the application, in the Autodesk® AutoCAD® command line, type _TOTALBOUNDARY or the respective short alias _TBND. You can also launch the application using the respective button on the "Add-ins" tab of the ribbon. (Fig. 1):


Fig. 1
Button on the "Add-ins" tab of ribbon 
available user after installing the software.


Main application window

The application's main window that appears when the program starts after you have selected objects is shown on Fig. 2:

Fig. 2
Application's main window 
after the selecting objects.

Controls in the main window

  • (1) "Select" button 
    It allows you to select objects in the drawing for further generating outlines. You can select specific objects in both model space and paper space.
  • (2) "Settings" button 
    Opens an additional dialog box, where you can modify program settings.
  • (3) "Help" button 
    Opens context help.
  • (4) "About" button 
    Opens a window with information about the software.
  • (5) "Exit" button 
    Click this button to exit from the application.
  • (6) Information field
    Contains quantitative information about selected objects.
  • (7) "Start" button 
    Launches the process of generating outlines.
  • (8) Status bar
    Displays information on the program's operation steps.


Program settings dialog box

Figure 3 shows the "Program Settings" dialog box.

Fig. 3
"Program Settings" dialog box.

Controls in the program settings dialog box

  • (1) "Apply" button 
    Saves all configuration settings made by user.
  • (2) "Default" button 
    Resets all configuration settings to their default values.
  • (3) "Close" button 
    Closes the "Program Settings" dialog box.
  • (4) "Use automatic tolerance" radio box
    If this box is checked it allows the program to automatically calculate the value of tolerance for the current drawing. This mode is recommended for most cases.
  • (5) "Use custom value of tolerance" radio box
    If this box is checked it allows user to set the value of the tolerance manually.
  • (6) Custom value of tolerance edit box
    This field is for entering the tolerance values in manual mode.
  • (7) "Polyline width"edit box
    In this field, you can set value of polyline width. The program uses this parameter when generate outlines (closed polylines).
  • (8) "Color" drop-down button
    Allows you to set the color of the generated outlines.
  • (9) "Use solid fill" check box
    It allows you to fill generated outlines with solid fill.


Saving settings 

Once all the settings are made, they are to be saved before continuing with the application. To do so, click the "Apply" button. Once everything is saved, you can leave the settings window ("Close" button).

Restoring default settings 

To restore the initial system settings, click the "Default" button.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Launch application


TotalBoundary is installed using the Setup Wizard.

The Wizard searches for available versions of AutoCAD installed on your computer. If the Setup Wizard finds several suitable versions of AutoCAD, TotalPurge will be installed for each suitable version of AutoCAD found on your computer. In case no suitable versions of AutoCAD are found, it notifies you that the installation of TotalPurge cannot be continued.
To launch the installation: 

  • Close all sessions with open AutoCAD.
  • Run the setup file.
  • Follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard.

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Added 2018 support.

Added 2017 support.
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