Block Studio - 16 function block editor

Block Studio - 16 function block editor

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Design Software
Dynamic multi-function block tool with 16 categories to choose from.

General Usage Instructions

Select a radio button to run a single function and pick the OK button. If a PROMPT appears on the command line, then enter a value and press the <Enter> key. If a PROMPT to "Select Object(s)"appears then select the object/block and press the <Enter> key. If a dialog box appears, see details for each function in the below section Settings and Options.

Here are basic defined uses of the 16 functions, more details available in F1>HELP file include with application (after install)

1. "Adds Entities to a Block" - Adds entities or blocks into existing blocks without exploding.

2. "Block Color Control" - Allows the color of selected entities within blocks or the entire block to be changed.

3. "Changes Block Base Point" - Modify the Base or Insertion point of a block.

4. "Changes Block Name"  - Renames a selected block.

5. "Changes Sub-Block Layers"  - Changes the Layer of a selected sub-entity.

6. "Deletes Entities from a Block" - Deletes a sub-entity from a block without exploding the block.

7. "Extracts Entities from a Block" - Extracts selected sub-entities from a block and will create a new block using the selected entities with option for 8. "Finds Block Duplications"  - Searches the block table and compares it to the current database looking for the number of insertions and any 

9. "Finds Mirrored Blocks"  - If a block in the drawing were mirrored using the Autodesk® AutoCAD® – MIRROR function, the function finds and isolates any 

10. "Fills Block with Polylines" - Fills 0-width Polyline boundaries inside block insertions with multiple thick polylines.

11. "Lists Block Information" - Lists the block name of a selected block(s) and insertion details.

12. "Lists Children / Sub-Blocks" - Lists the sub-entity(s) (Child) of a parent block.

13. "Lists Parent Block" - Lists the block name of a selected block, its insertion layer and also views the sub-block entity info.

14. "Moves Sub-Entity to Top" - Moves entities inside blocks to the uppermost layer, above all other layers in the block. This is used when the 

15. "Replaces Specified Block(s)" - Replaces a specified block or a group of blocks globally or selectively.

16. "Replaces Block Definition(s)" - Substitutes any new block for all selected insertions of any other block.



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Dynamic multifunction block tool with 16 categories to choose from


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