Enla, engineer's Length and Area add-in, is designed to make reading and manipulation with length and area easier.

Select lines, polylines, circles or hatches in Autodesk® AutoCAD® and have their length and area values in a list. 


From this point you can:

  • select  all or some items in list to see cumulative values
  • click on "copy" icon to copy  selected values to clipboard
  • click on "zoomto" icon to zoom  to that object in AutoCAD
  • pin selected items to track  object no matter of current AutoCAD selection, and watch values change as you change object's dimensions
  • add a  tag  on selected items to make easy manipulation once values are pasted to, for example, Excel®
  • choose round and scale options and the way values are shown (system locale or different)
  • insert values in drawing as a text or field (where applicable), next to its originating object
  • insert values as  table
  • insert as block  and populate attributes or dynamic properties with values
  • evaluate custom math expressions 


To evaluate objects, use standard math expressions in formula tab with optional Enla variables

  • L = length of object (when inserting as field, not all objects can use it)
  • A = area of object (if object has it)
  • n = position of object in list
  • tag = custom text tag, saved to object in drawing
  • cc = incremental value, number of clicks on cumulative button
  • Lt = total length of all objects in list
  • At = total area of all objects in list
  • Ls = cumulative length of selected in list
  • As = cumulative area of selected in list 



  • L * 100 / sum(Lt) = percentage of length in relation to total length
  • average(As) = average area of objects selected in list
  • L > average(Lt) = 1 or 0, compare how individual L relates to the average length
  • ...imagine...
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About This Version

Version 3.2.0, 3/26/2018
major bug fix: 1) if hatch is selected, then without deselection modified only once with mouse - then area value is not updated in list 2) if option is on to include AutoCAD parametric values in Enla formula, and also there are items in list with "pin" on, then when switching layout, CAD will crash changes: removed some options that were confusing or less intuitive 3) Latest support added

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