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Layout Tools

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A couple of tools to help with situations where you have a large number of layout tabs. Most people only use 1 or 2 layout tabs (if any when you're just creating a model), but there are situations where you need to use many layouts. This will help with that, but can also be useful if you only have a few layouts.


For an example of when many layouts may be used (since I know there's some that think it's never necessary). My company uses Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep for our MEP layouts and spooling. There's a feature to use multiple tabs when generating spool drawings rather than individual drawings. This is significantly faster than the alternative. But some of our batches can include hundreds of individual spools (typically not in proper sequential order). This is when these tools come in handy.



This orders the layouts in a natural string order the same way as windows explorer orders files (In fact it uses the same routine).



This will allow you to quickly find and switch to a specific layout. It allows you to filter the layouts so you can quickly bring the layout you're looking for into focus. The filter is not case sensitive, and automatically puts a * before and after your search terms as I found that to be a more intuitive result.


Take a look at the MSDN Page for the Visual Basic Like Operator for information on how the filter works:


Make sure to check out some of my other tools, just look for the section "By The Same Publisher" to the right.


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