TL Helmert Transformation

TL Helmert Transformation



This App will allow you to compute a seven-parameter Helmert transformation inside Autodesk® AutoCAD®, use the computed matrix to transform AutoCAD entities, save and load transformation settings to an XML file, display detailed transformation info, visualize transformation on the screen, reverse transformation and adjust (turn on/off) individual parameters.


The seven parameters are:


Tx - Translation along the X-axis.

Ty - Translation along the Y axis.

Tz - Translation along the Z axis.

Rx - Rotation about the X axis.

Ry - Rotation about the Y axis.

Rz - Rotation about the Z axis.

Scale - scaling factor.


Note: The app supports the 2016-2023 version.

About This Version

Version 2022.11.19.1, 12/12/2022
Minor bug issue resolved where certain entities such as Civil 3d Cogo points wouldn't automatically refresh on the screen after transformation.

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