Import \ Export coordinates

Import \ Export coordinates


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  • Geo_Import Drawing objects (point, block, circle, polyline and 3D polyline) according to the coordinates of the file (txt, csv and sdr), with the ability to assign a number, a mark (coordinate Z), and description.
  • Geo_Export File (txt, csv and sdr) recording, the coordinates of objects (point, block, circle, polyline, 3D polyline, multiline, spline, line, text, multiline text), as well as additional information such as the number and description.


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Version 6.0.5, 5/15/2020
New in Geo_Import: Data filters, now you can easily select only the necessary data from the file. The layer according to the description (code) from the file, for this you need to select * COD * from the list of layers New in Geo_Export: Preview how the data in a text file will look like, an additional field is opened by the [>>>>] button

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  • Very good!
    Alexey Zakharov | March 02, 2018

    It is very convenient to load and unload coordinates from AutoCAD.

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