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Drawing Diagnostics

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   The AutoCAD DXF/DWG file format is often used as an exchange format between CAD systems. The geometry obtained as a result of exporting from different CAD packages to DXF/DWG often contains broken geometry constraints (i.e., broken tangent, horizontal, vertical constraints, gaps between mid/end points or entities overlapping). Broken constraints cause faults in the modeling and manufacturing processes, and maintaining precision correctness manually is difficult.

   Precision correctness is especially critical during manufacturing, where broken constraints can have major financial consequences.

   The Drawing Diagnostics tool gives designers the ability to inspect drawings for broken constraints, identify potential problem points, and propose potential solutions. Also there is a possibility create a new constraints for entities which takes a part in the solutions.

   Key features:

  • High scalability, utilizing all available computational resources during inspection;
  • Ability to select geometry to be inspected: single entity, active sheet or entire drawing;
  • Ability to select both constraint types to be analyzed and tolerance ranges;
  • Provision of suggested solutions for broken constraints;
  • Selection and zoom-in to problem areas;
  • Preview of fixes for broken constraints;
  • Ability to view and manage the progress of running tasks;
  • Creation of a new constraint for entities.
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Version, 4/12/2016

Version 3.0 contains capabilities to identify implicit constraints and apply them using constraints manager provided by AutoCAD 2015.

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    bsam bam | December 18, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)


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    christopher keech | July 31, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Helped me out tremendously while in school while learning CAD.

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