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AutoCatalog Block Manager

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AutoCatalog is a robust AutoCAD® block manager and symbol library organizer. This plugin/add-on can organize your blocks and DWG content into custom catalogs with tabs YOU create. No need to move or rename your original files. 


Download the Free 30 Day Trial (no feature limitations) right here in the Autodesk App Store.


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  • Create catalogs from content on your PC or from network folders.
  • Automatic thumbnail preview generation.
  • Search for content/blocks using custom keywords, file names, folder names found in path and description.
  • Easy drag & drop block insertion process.
  • Easily maintain personal catalogs and shared corporate catalogs.
  • Set your blocks default layer, scale and rotation.
  • Ability to auto explode blocks upon insertion.

AutoCatalog© will make creating your AutoCAD digital designs as quickeasy and accurate as possible. This is critical to your company’s bottom line.



  • Saves time and time is money.
  • Lets you move onto the next thing.


  • Saves your precious brain process cycles letting you pay attention to more important things
  • Makes training new designers happen quicker


  • Reduces costly mistakes
  • Reinforces company design standards – consistency saves


AutoCatalog will let you organize and structure your digital design content in a way that makes sense for you.


Your AutoCAD environment is like a kitchen and you are the chef preparing your best dish. Your kitchen is set up to fit your style and personality. You know exactly where the ingredients, spices, bowls, knives, pots etc. are. You can put your hands on most things without even looking. Your sizable talents are spent skillfully putting everything together exactly as it should be instead of searching for things.


The result is an amazing meal produced as efficiently as possible.


In your AutoCAD environment the ingredients and tools are parts of your drawings that you reuse. The most common and effective type of reused entity is the “block” since it can be any kind of entity you want. Admit it, your drawings are full of blocks! Once you notice that something is going to be used a lot you make it a block. Right? You DO use blocks, don’t you? Of course you do. All the best AutoCAD designers do!


The problem is, where did you put that valuable block? Blocks are dwg files or are within dwg files. Files are everywhere! They are tucked away on your hard drive, or your other hard drive, or your other hard drive, or one of the network drives, or maybe on a thumb drive.


You could just reorganize the files into a file structure that makes more sense to you. That’s what our ancestors did back in the days before they had access to an AutoCAD block manager like AutoCatalog. And when they did that they would be stuck and I’ll tell you why.


What happens if you want a block in more than one place? Some generic blocks are used for different things depending on the context. For example if you have a rectangle block with some text in its center. It’s just a generic block but you might also use it as a specific label for rooms and for a certain kind of electrical component. Where you look for that block depends on the context of what you are doing at the time.


Same block – many places. And with AutoCatalog you don’t have to have a lot of copies of that file all over the place.


Finding and easily using blocks is a big deal because of how often it happens. It might be dozens or hundreds of times a day. So for each block you want to use you might go through several steps. Each step might be time consuming, especially searching for the content you want.


Compare that to using AutoCatalog Block Manager.


1. Go to the appropriate Catalog and Tab

2. Drag the block onto your drawing and drop it


Remember you created the catalogs and their tab structure so you laid them out in a way that makes sense for the designers. Not only that but you have previews of every item and you can see them all at once. You can easily spot the block you want and use it.


What if you don’t know where to look for the item? Replace step 1 above with this step:


1.Type something in the search box


If AutoCatalog Block Manager saved 20 seconds per use what would that translate into? Considering that this might happen dozens or hundreds of times a day that would mean you could save a user between 10 minutes and an hour every work day. And that’s only the time savings. Add to that the value of the ease of use and improved accuracy and it is easy to see that AutoCatalog is well worth it’s cost.


Video tutorials and demonstrations can be found here. AutoCatalog Block Manager Videos

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