UDS Tools Layer Order Pro

UDS Tools Layer Order Pro

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Once loaded, the Layer Order command is also added to a panel in the Plug-Ins tab on the AutoCAD® Ribbon Bar.


Click the LayerOrder-symbol in the Plug-Ins tab or type the command "u_lo" to start the main dialog. The main dialog has ten boxes. Each specifies a layer. There are different ways to add a layer in a box (more on that later). The order of the layers is the new draw order.  


Click "Ok" to redraw the objects with respect to their layers. Objects on not specified layers will be ignored, they will be between the top and the bottom objects.   


You can also load and save layer orders (more on that later).  


How to choose layers:  


• By clicking the "Object..."-button you are asked to select an object. If you do so, you get its layer.  


• By clicking the "List..."-button a list of all layers in the drawing is showed and you can choose a layer.  


• You can load a layer order.  


• You can type the name of the layer into the text box. 


Load and save layer orders:  


• Save: choose some layers (at least one layer which exists in the drawing) and click save. A dialog appears and asks you to insert a name. If this name already exists, you can override the old layer order. It is no problem, if you save a layer order with layers which does not exist in the drawing.  


• Load: Choose a layer order in the combo box on the left side of the "Save"-button.




• With "*" you can specify more layers at once. Example: if the layers "down1", "down2" and "down3_green" exists, you can specify all three layers with "down*".


Select a language:  


Click the "language"-button to select German or English.


After the first use of this app you have 90 days to activate it. Therefore send us your ID (you get the ID and email address by clicking on the red label "Activate your app"). We will send you a license file which finally activates your app. There are no additional fees for you. 


You can try our Trial version " UDS Tools Layer Order" with less functionality.

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    Elizabeth Kenworthy | October 26, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Totally worth the price! I use it to layer multiple disciplines and it saves time. Please let us know when it will be compatible with 2017. Thanks

  • When?
    JOHN DEVORE | September 10, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This is a great app. I wish I could use it with my 2016 AutoCad. Are there any plans to up date this app?

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