When parts needs a different colour because it's new, changed or removed. Make different states in the options page and change the parts in a fast way.


Verzió, 2022. 03. 30.
Added 2023 support (No change in version number).

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  • great but missing one thing!
    ollie turk | február 08, 2019 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Would it be possible to add in options for setting your own colours?

    We use a set of colours to match a clients scheme, and would be a perfect app if we could set the colours it changes to?

    i lafeber (Közzétevő) | február 11, 2019

    Ollie, You can add/change your own colors, or color lists in the AutoCAD options screen. Skip to 2 minutes for the options explanation. https://youtu.be/hvfSaBisZOw or is it something else you are missing in the settings ?

  • best
    liu jack | június 16, 2018 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    that's best ,It's very useful

  • Almost perfect
    Remo Kaandorp | május 09, 2018 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Great tool Would be perfect for me, when I can Chose prefix or suffix for the layer rename, (that the changed name would ne changed at the end)  (prefix or suffix choice) cause the CAD standard we use in Holland (NLCS) uses states like N-WW-WE-SYMBOLS_S for a new object and  B-WW-WE-SYMBOLS_S etc so when I use color Revision it would be perfect if ICAN change and or add the N- to B- or V-etc

  • sublime
    Harry Van Putten | január 06, 2018 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    I use it very often it has been thought about how to use the program

  • Awesome!
    connie Tang | december 28, 2017 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    That's very easy to use!

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