Some drawings have their intersection points poorly defined, or some parts of them present this anomaly in such a way that the length of the lines contain many decimals, for example instead of having a value of 180 cm, 179.9996785 cm is appreciated.


This command was created to try to improve this type of file, whose creation process is unknown. It allows adjusting the length of the lines to a more rounded value and, incidentally, fixing the splicing between lines. It is most useful in architectural plans that have mostly horizontal and vertical lines. It is not accurate on slanted lines nor does it work on arcs. It adjusts the position of Texts and Blocks between other entities.


You can adjust the desired positional adjustment, or the value that is most convenient since you can even make the lengths even or multiples of 5 to cite two examples.


This application works in all Autodesk® AutoCAD® languages.


You can go back to the moment before executing the command by means of the _UNDO command _Back option. This can be written in any AutoCAD language if it is prefixed with “_”.


Previously, the program called the OVERKILL command to further purge the working file, whose history or creation process is unknown.

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버전 1.0.0, 2022-09-02
Initial release

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