This program allows you to draw the HVAC duct works dynamically and professionally, regardless of the current drawing's units. Furthermore, lots of fittings are included within this program, such as Duct <Straight>, 3Points Duct with Elbows, either 45 or 90 Degs, Elbows [30,45,60,90], Taper, Tee, Reducer, Offset and Undo, allowing the user to undo the last drawn objects which mean to undo the last process.


Also, the program uses specific layers for specific systems like Air-conditioning, Fresh Air and Exhaust air systems with respect to Color, LineType and LineWeight. This allows them to be by layer regardless of the settings of the current layer.


The program allows the user to change the units of the text of Duct size and allows the user to add a label for the airflow rate.


The second update is about new useful features that were asked by many users of my applications to have a square elbows with the same elbow types that are available for the round elbows along with a new option to add fins insides elbows up to 5 Nos of fins and having a new technique that detects the center points of the last drawn fitting automatically.

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Finally, the Program should work approximately 450 times. The time starts at the first moment you run the program on your system. If you have used the program for one month and it expires then this means you have used all the benefits of the program. If you have used the program only a few times and left it for more than one month from the moment you first ran the program then it will expire since it did exceed 30 days.

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버전 4.3.0, 2024-03-27
Added 2025 support

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  • Its really awesome program as you always do. Best regards
    RAJA | 9월 24, 2018 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Thanks Mr.Tharwat Al Shoufi

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (게시자) | 9월 25, 2018

    Thank you so much for your kind reply. Greatly appreciated.

  • Congratulations
    John Rocks | 10월 06, 2017

    A great Program as I have been using this program for a quite long time. Best regards. John

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (게시자) | 10월 09, 2017

    Thank you John for your kind reply. I am glad that my program has been working as great as you wanted.

  • Best
    Muhammad Asif Javed Mushtaq Ahmad | 10월 06, 2017

    The most easiest app for either beginner or professional with reliability and 98% accuracy. I used it and working more fastly. Thanks Mr. Tharwat.

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (게시자) | 10월 09, 2017

    Thank you so much for your kind support, Its highly appreciated.

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