Wire - Parallel curved wire draw

Wire - Parallel curved wire draw

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Wire is a versatile command that enables the drawing of multiple wires which are either straight or parallel curved. This app from CAD Design Software will have you quickly drawing single or multiple wires with ease. It permits you to specify, quickly and easily, the number of parallel wires needed, which side of a lead guide wire these need to be drawn on, and also optionally indicate an end point or a desired angle.


The application will start in Trial-Mode and allow 5 trial runs or 1 day, whichever comes first.

$5.00 to purchase from within the app using a Paypal account or make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card on Paypal

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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버전 2.1.0, 2017-03-19
Minor fix, no interface or functional changes to the app itself.

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