QR Codes 2016-2019

QR Codes 2016-2019

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Make text in your drawings scannable using any mobile phone or tablet with a camera. All you need is one of many available QR code reader applications for your device, and this plug-in.

QR Codes, also called mobile barcodes, can represent plain text, URLs, contact information, or geographic coordinates (using the FIELD command). Any existing text objects can be converted to QR codes by setting the Optically Scannable (text) property to 'yes' in the Property palette.

See a demo video on the AutoCAD YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4cSTqhe_k

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버전 2.5.0, 2018-03-28
Updated for 2016-2019 Products

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  • I wish it could work inside titleblocks attributes
    harinezumi 針鼠 | 1월 10, 2020 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    My best use would be for titleblocks, but it cannot be used as a field inside an attribute, so it cannot be filled trough the sheet set.
    Would it be possible to implement it?

  • Very Nice Tool but I have 2 wishes to be made better ..
    Nick Antonov | 2월 20, 2019 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)


    I used it previously when was still in development stage.


    Now I tried it again, It works as described, but:


    The white border around the QR pattern is a bit too much, The useful part is the patent, Putting a QR-code on Title block sometimes obscures info , Would be nice of in the setting have an option of how wide the wide strip around we’d like to be. I am aware that has to be strip for the scanner to be able to recognise the pattern but a bit less will be neater. and the best to be customisable


    My second wish is if is possible to be exploded ad AutoCad Objects, Either Hatch or best wide polylines.


    Opening the drawing in Autcad that has no Plugging installed, Shows only the Mtext(and bad formatted if the QR code was created from scratch not converting existing Mtext), which is not good for sending drawings out to clients, Its limits the compatibility of the created drawing.


    Other ways it is a great tool that I think will be used in the industry, Why not labelling parts for construction site??

  • 改进意见如下:
    Kai Liu | 12월 10, 2018 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)







    5.希望二维码能创建为AutoCAD的Block对象(QR Code Block object)。

  • Implement it in TrueView
    Johan Nilsson | 10월 08, 2018 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    Great tool! Have crashed on my with AutoCad 2017 but never in 2019 but I what i'd really like is if it would work in TrueView aswell.

  • useful small tool
    Jack johnson | 11월 27, 2015 다운로드 확인 (이것은 무엇입니까?)

    worked as described, nice little tool.

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