SoftDraft Bulb-T-Girders 2DS

SoftDraft Bulb-T-Girders 2DS

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If you use Bulb-T-Girders in your contract documents, this app will definitely save you a lot of time. This app helps you create a wide variety of Bulb-T-Girders with dimensions. From the dialog, input the Bulb-T-Girder dimensions, or select one of the ped-defined ones, then click OK and select the placement point. Click the "Add Dimensions" toggle to add dimensions to the detail.


Predefined Bulb-T-Girders include:

"FBT54" "FBT63" "FBT72" "FBT78" 

"NEBT39" "NEBT47" "NEBT55" "NEBT63" "NEBT71" "NEBT79" "NEBT83" "NEBT87" 


"PCBT-29" "PCBT-37" "PCBT-45" "PCBT-53" "PCBT-61" "PCBT-69" "PCBT-77" "PCBT-85" "PCBT-93"


The installer is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 to 2024 (including other vertical products).

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버전 15.0.0, 2023-10-02
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