Utility DataHub Design to Cloud

Utility DataHub Design to Cloud

Win64, English

Spatial Business Systems
Utility DataHub Design to Cloud enables utility and engineering companies to streamline their design process and workflows by integrating AutoCAD based design tools with enterprise systems.

General Usage Instructions

After registration of your BIM 360 account with SBS and installation of the UDH plug-in for Autodesk® AutoCAD®, the workflow is quite straightforward. A job is assigned to a designer (a work order is created in EAM/WMS). The designer can view the list of assigned work orders in the Work Order Browser. When the design is linked to the work order, UDH connects to Autodesk® BIM 360®, creates the appropriate folders, and uploads the DWG drawing into the BIM 360 repository. 

Initial Steps: 

  1. Start the application.
  2. If prompted to login to SBS Licensing login with the registered email and password in order to have a license assigned.
  3. If no drawing is open, open/start a new drawing or opens an existing drawing
  4. On the main AutoCAD Ribbon select the Utility Data Hub Ribbon
  5. Within the Utility Data Hub Ribbon select the drop-down on the Work Management Icon and then select the Work Order Browser
  6. Users may need to expand and position the Work order browser palette in a convenient area on the design surface by dragging and positioning it on the design surface.
  7. Users should see 10 work orders displayed within the work order browser. To link a work order to the current design, select a work order row within the DataGrid and right click to show the context menu.
  8. From the work order browser right click the context menu select the link Option. This will link the currently selected work order to the currently opened design file. Once the linking process is complete a new set of folders will be created in your targeted BIM 360 Project and an initial version of the design file will be renamed and uploaded to BIM 360. In addition, the local file will be renamed to the work order number.
  9. All DWG properties of the newly linked design will be updated with metadata from the work order that it is now linked to.
  10. As the design continues users can update the BIM 360 version of the design by accessing the work order browser right click the context menu and selecting BIM 360 Check-in. 




This application uses a custom installer, not the Autodesk App Store installer. Install the plugin by double-clicking the msi installer file. Uninstall is handled by the standard Windows add/remove programs.

This installation targets AutoCAD 2020, 2021 and 2022 and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

NOTE: This plugin will require an active BIM 360 account. This plugin will need read/write access to the executing user's Documents folder as it creates folders for the linked work order designs.

Additional Information

We suggest you explore other intelligent design solutions from SBS. For example, the Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) product for electric, gas, water, and telecom utilities extends AutoCAD drafting with model-based design tools. AutoCAD graphic elements in AUD represent real-world objects with unique identifiers, 3D graphics, properties, and relationships that are used to update GIS systems via a bi-directional interface. 

SBS intelligent design solutions ensure that designs are efficient, accurate, and subject to proper governance. Users can work within the AutoCAD based design application while seamlessly accessing information from enterprise business systems including GIS, work management, cost estimation, materials management, finance, engineering analysis, and mobile and field operation.

Known Issues


Company Name: Spatial Business Systems
Support Contact: support@spatialbiz.com

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Spatial Business Systems

Support Information

Please contact: support@spatialbiz.com

Version History

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Trail Version Updated dlls per SQLite dependencies Includes AutoCAD 2022 support
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