Spot-r By Triax

Spot-r By Triax

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Triax Technologies, Inc
Spot-r is an RTLS sensor system offering full job site visibility into your workers and keeping you informed of safety incidents in real-time.

General Usage Instructions

  1. In BIM360
    1. Enter your Autodesk® BIM 360® Account Admin area
    2. Click on the Apps tab and add "Spot-r By Triax" as an application to your account
  2. In Spot-r
    1. Sign in using the Connect With Autodesk button
    2. Your company and default site will appear
    3. Click to create a new site
    4. A list of your projects in BIM360 Admin will appear
    5. Select a project and all of the attributes of the project will be shown for your Spot-r site
    6. Click save
    7. The integration for the site will now work automatically, allowing for the selection of documents from BIM360 Docs for use as your floor and zone drawings





Additional Information

Known Issues

The name of the site in Spot-r does not allow some characters such as underscore; when importing a BIM360 project into Spot-r the name field may need to be modified before saving the site.


Company Name: Triax Technologies, Inc
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Triax Technologies, Inc

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