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IMAGINiT Clarity helps firms that use Autodesk® Revit® automate manual/repetitive tasks on Revit projects, whether the models are in Autodesk® Construction Cloud® or elsewhere.

General Usage Instructions

BIM 360 Admins can find the IMAGINiT Clarity in BIM 360 Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select "Add to BIM 360" to add it to your account.
In the Autodesk Construction Cloud, Account Administrators will similarly find us under the "Apps" tab. Select "Install" to add it to your account.
It is not necessary to do so in both places - one is sufficient to cover both kinds of projects.

IMAGINiT Clarity is a large-scale enterprise product to deploy on your servers.

(The Clarity software is not available to purchase/download within the Autodesk App Store, you must contact IMAGINiT separately).

Clarity supports projects that are file-based, Revit Server, Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 (as well as ProjectWise with an additional module). To connect to ACC / BIM 360 projects, you will need to go to the Server/Settings/OAuth page and add one or more ACC/BIM 360 credentials using the "Add or Update Credentials" link. These credentials will be used to define what projects are available as well as what permissions Clarity has within these projects.

Once deployed, on the projects page choose "Add Project" and pointing to the location where the Revit models live (whether ACC, BIM 360 Design, BIM 360 Team, File Server, Revit Server, etc). You then define tasks to automate within the project, and the Revit work is farmed out to one or more Revit workstations you designate.

Clarity can perform over 40 types of tasks involved with Revit and BIM 360, including:

  • Making an off-site backup of BIM 360 data
  • Additional Print/Export capabilities
  • Trigger an automated publish of C4R Revit data to BIM 360
  • Batch Upload or Replace RevitTM files
  • Run Dynamo Scripts in Batch
  • Synchronize ACC/BIM 360 files with other services such as BOX, DropBox, ProjectWise, and SharePoint
  • Extract data to a project SQL database for reporting, datasheets, and Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Check and report on 60 Revit Model Health metrics

Once you define each task for a project, you can run tasks either on-demand or on a scheduled basis, enabling you to set up the configuration and allow it to happen automatically.

For Data Extraction and Model Health tasks, you will be able to see the results on the Reports, Datasheets, and Model Metrics pages within the Clarity project.

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Company Name: IMAGINiT Technologies
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IMAGINiT Technologies

Support Information

IMAGINiT offers a dedicated support team, available from 8 am - 8 pm EST US.

Phone: +1 888 528 4765

As well as web-based support.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Enhanced integration with BIM360, Model Health Tracking, PowerBI/Excel integration, and integrations with other web services.


Enhanced integration with BIM360, Model Health Tracking, PowerBI/Excel integration, and integrations with other web services.


Additional support for BIM 360 Design live models, Dynamo 2.x support, enhanced task templates, and many more improvements.
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