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Novade Solutions
The Novade platform offers 6 modules covering major on-site processes which include Quality, Safety-HSE, Reports, Maintenance, Workforce and Activity.

General Usage Instructions

Step-by-step usage instructions:

1. Connect Setup BIM Hub ID in Novade (

2. Connect Novade Projects to Autodesk® BIM 360® Projects (

3. Connect Unit Type Drawings so that the integration can send/update drawings from BIM 360 to Novade, and maintain versioning (

4. Send Quality Defects and Safety Actions from Novade to BIM 360 (


Using Novade with BIM 360, you can

  • Digitize Your Site Processes: Tools for the Field, Data to Drive Results, Your Path to AI
  • Build Outstanding Projects & Reputation with Novade Quality: Enforce high standards, Reduce rework
  • Make Your Business a Safer Place with Novade Safety-HSE: Enforce compliance, Avoid issues occurrence 



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