Interactive Website Design

Interactive Website Design

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Visionworkplace Software Solutions
Design and embed 3D interactive page of your BIM 3D model to a website.

General Usage Instructions

  • First login to your Autodesk® BIM 360®.
  • Browse the 3D model.
  • Add details in HTML fields.
  • Save page.
  • Zip file with 3D model and HTML file will be downloaded.
  • Upload that file with dependent JS to your website.




Additional Information

How to Open downloaded interactive HTML:

After download completes, to check file in local system open it in Firefox because Google Chrome has security concern of Cross-Origin or upload it to your website and it can be opened in Chrome browser as well.

Known Issues

Currently not supported in IE and Edge browser.


Company Name: Visionworkplace Software Solutions

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Visionworkplace Software Solutions

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1. Save your 3D design as static HTML page for website. 2. Can use inbuilt template to fill description and other details of design.
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