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Autodesk BIM 360
Seamlessly export Autodesk® BIM 360® Issues into a BCF file

General Usage Instructions


1. Send an email to bim.360.bcf.beta@autodesk.com with a request to get access to the BCF Export app. Include your BIM 360 account ID if you want access for all the projects in the account. Alternatively, if you only want access for specific projects in the account, send the IDs of the projects you want access for.

2. Add BCF Export to your BIM 360 Account: BIM 360 admins can find the BCF Export app in BIM 360 Account Admin under the “Apps” tab. To add the app to your BIM 360 account, select the app and click “Add to BIM 360".


Usage Instructions:

Follow these instructions to convert BIM 360 issues into BCF format:

1. Launch BIM 360 Document Management and open the 3D model you want to export the issues for in the BIM 360 Viewer.

2. From the right-hand toolbar, click the “Issues” button. The Issues tab opens displaying the list of issues that have been added to the 3D model.

3. Optionally filter out any issues that you do not want to export. Note that you can export issues in any state. Note that we do not support exporting more than 300 issues.

4. From the top right-hand corner of the Issues tab, select the ellipses, and click “Export as BCF”. A BCF file is created that includes issues data, attachments, comments, statuses and model elements. Note that the name of the BCF file is generated automatically.

If the issues are not exported within 15 minutes, refresh the page to re-export them. This can happen if the model is very large.

5. Upload the 3D model (IFC or RVT) to the design tool.

6. Import the BCF file to the design tool.

7. When you select an issue, the design tool can potentially display the following:

  • Data about the issue
  • The camera view of the issue
  • Highlight the relevant model part
  • Issue comments
  • JPG, JPEG, and PNG attachments added to the issue


Note that the functionality depends on the design tool that you use.

Note that you can also export all the issues for a project by opening the Issues tab in the Document Management or Field Management modules, clicking the “Export” button, and selecting “Export BCF”. Issues from 2D files are exported without pushpin metadata. 




Additional Information

Known Issues

Currently, you can only export issues from Project Files folder models, or a model nested under the Project Files folder.

We do not support 2D models.

We do not support exporting more than 300 issues for a single BCF file.

Export time is limited to 15 minutes.

If the BCF file does not automatically download, the link to download the exported BCF file expires after 10 minutes.

When exporting in an IE 11 browser, the downloaded file extension will be ZIP instead of BCF.

We do not currently support importing BCF files into BIM 360.

You can only export JPG, JPEG, and PNG attachments.

You can only export attachments that were added directly to the issue, but cannot export attachments that were added from BIM 360 Document Management.

Currently, there is no snapshot preview image attached to the exported issue.

You cannot currently configure the name for the BCF file.

Currently, you can only export issues for 3D models in RVT and IFC format.


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