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Sync your project files between Solibri & Autodesk® BIM 360®.

General Usage Instructions


Add the app to your BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud® Account: Admins can find the Solibri in BIM 360/ACC Account Admin under the “Apps” tab. To add the app to your BIM 360/ACC account, select the app and click “Add to BIM 360/ACC". 

  1. Go to
  2. Login with SSC account
  3. Install Solibri Office, for more details visit here
  4. Start Solibri and select "Office" or "Anywhere".
  5. In order to enable the BIM 360/ACC Integration, open Solibri and navigate to the "Integrations" menu tab. This menu tab shows all available integrations which can be used in Solibri.
  6. Navigate to BIM 360/ACC and click connect.
  7. A browser window will open where the user would need to authenticate themselves.
  8. Once authenticated, the BIM 360/ACC integration on the “integrations” menu tab will display the username that is connected and will show a “disconnect” button.
  9. In order to open files from BIM 360/ACC, go to Open and select the “BIM 360/ACC” tab. This tab is only available after enabling the BIM 360/ACC integration.
  10. Solibri will show the available projects in a dropdown menu (based on what the user has access to in BIM 360/ACC)
  11. After selecting the project, navigate to the desired file/folder below.
  12. In the file chooser, you can see the different files and sort them by Name, Last updated, Version, and Size. Additionally, Solibri should show the BIM 360/ACC files in the Recent Models list as well as the “Recent” tab inside the “Open Models” dialog.
  13. When Saving an SMC file, the same logic applies - The BIM 360/ACC tab will be available in the save dialog.
  14. Users can use the "Update models" functionality so that when a new version of the file is available, Solibri will show a prompt or update automatically.




Additional Information

You can find information on how to install/uninstall Solibri in our help center: 

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Version History

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In this version, users can open SMC, IFC, PDF files and other Solibri resource directly from BIM 360/ACC within Solibri. Users can also save SMC files and other Solibri resources back to BIM 360/ACC server. Additionally, the "Update models" functionality can be used in Solibri with files that are located on the BIM 360/ACC servers.
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