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RedTeam Software
With RedTeam connect your projects and publish drawings directly into Autodesk® BIM360® from your Project Management and Construction Cost Control platform to enhance collaboration with the field.

General Usage Instructions

Instructions for Adding RedTeam to an Autodesk® BIM360® Account: BIM 360 Admins can find the RedTeam BIM 360 Integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select to add to your BIM 360 Account. Your RedTeam BIM 360 Integration is now active in BIM 360.

Commercial general contractors use RedTeam for all aspect of their projects lifecycle. From finding new business, preconstruction, managing the project progress and financials. You can use all or some of RedTeam based on your workflows. You can manage your RFIs, submittals and change orders easily from a single environment. 

You can easily connect Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs and RedTeam by accessing the app store inside of RedTeam, select BIM 360 Docs and simply enter your login credentials one time. RedTeam is now able to publish information directly into your BIM 360 Docs account.

When setting up a project in RedTeam you will need to makes sure to have a start date and proposed duration. You will need to have the information needed in the BIM360 section under project scope (select edit to make changes).

You will be able to push committed plans into your BIM 360 Docs by selecting the plans from the plans and specs section of RedTeam and click the sent to BIM 360 button. When you push plans to BIM360 a project will be created in BIM360 and connected to your RedTeam project for future plans to be published in the connected BIM360 account.

You will immediately receive an email from Autodesk® inviting you as the project admin. As soon as you accept the invitation you will be redirected to login to your  BIM 360 Docs and gain immediate access to the published projects and plans in your BIM 360 Docs. 

Detailed information about the project such as address, value, type, and customer information will be automatically published.

Refer video for information on creating projects.



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RedTeam Software

Support Information

RedTeam is committed to providing its users with accessible information to answer any question that may arise. We offer live support options via phone and live chat from 8 am EST to 7 pm EST  as well as a robust video training module and complete wiki.

You do not need to contact RedTeam to activate the integration as it is provided free of charge and easily enabled from our apps store.

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With RedTeam, you are able to publish plans directly into your BIM360 account and automatically create a project. In our next release, you will be able to receive RFIs, punch items and issues directly into RedTeam from BIM360.
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