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BIM6D Consulting & Performance
POWERBIM© is a new Digital Twin platform that integrates BIM / GIS environment to multiple technologies based in data to manage the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructures trough the 6 dimensions

General Usage Instructions

Instructions for Adding POWERBIM to an Autodesk® BIM 360® Account: BIM360 Admins can find the POWERBIM BIM 360 Integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select to add to your BIM 360 Account. Your POWERBIM BIM 360 Integration will be active in BIM 360.

Live Demo presentation: users can register at https://app.powerbim.io and BIM6D team will schedule a meeting for a live demo presentation and to meet client requirements to be aligned with POWERBIM capabilities. After that presently there will be the possibility to contract a Basic Subscription or Pro Subscription.

Basic Subscription (2D+3D dimensions / 1 project / 1 admin / 1 editor / unlimited guests)

Admin users can activate the BIM360 / Autodesk Docs project to be used in POWERBIM and to set the roles (editor or guest)

Editors will be able to upload BIM models (Revit, IFC, Navisworks, Dwfx and other 3D formats), merging models, and create a unique database available in POWERBIM for multiple purposes. One of them is creating Power Bi interactive reports automatically using templates that can be customized by invoking attributes in models and modifying the look of dashboards with Power Bi desktop by Microsoft. These reports can be uploaded back to POWERBIM or to be used in other models/projects as new templates.

There are other multiple functionalities in POWERBIM to manage information for different scopes

  • Creating groups of multiple components from a Power Bi dashboard selection
  • Classify groups and assign documents or files to them for asset management
  • Create issues / RFIs from groups and create BCF files (BIM collaboration format)
  • Create screenshots and animate them for presentations
  • Check sheets for Revit files or upload sheets/documents in PDF format

Pro subscription (N dimensions depending on pilot project or integration / unlimited projects / 1 admin / 5 editors minimum / unlimited guests)

For pro subscriptions, a pilot project should be contracted first to adapt the solution to customer needs and to integrate to technologies required on demand.

In BIM6D, as Autodesk Forge Certified System Integrator, we are experts in web development/cloud computing / IoT / big data/machine learning, and artificial intelligence simulations, also we can integrate unmanned devices like cameras (fixed and portable), drones, robots to POWERBIM to monitor construction/facility management processes.



Additional Information

For basic subscription, the admin user will be able to activate 1 BIM360 project or Autodesk Docs project to use in POWERBIM, and to assign an editor role to one user, who will be able to create BIM data reports using the Power Bi bidirectional integration. There will be unlimited guest users with read-only permissions.

POWERBIM users will need to be BIM360 / Autodesk Docs users with access to the same project activated in POWERBIM. There are 3 roles: 

-admin: the admin will be able to activate/deactivate projects, and assign roles to other users, also will be the user who is in charge of the subscription payment and to manage the dedicated server time consumption and SaaS monitoring.

-editor: each project should have at less 1 editor to be able to use the functionalities like creating reports/groups/issues and others

-guest: guests’ users are the ones that are consuming the data and exploring the work done by editors. While guests are not paying subscription-like editors, they are consuming credits of POWERBIM in their usage (credits are related to time-consuming)

For pro subscriptions, the admin users will have the possibility to manage unlimited projects and to contract multiple editor subscriptions. Multiple dimensions different from 2D + 3D will be enabled. For example, 6D dimension will be unlocked for IoT / BMS / EMS / CMMS / Simulations and advanced analytics integrations, other software/device integrations will be possible by contracting a system integration service.

To be able to contract a pro subscription we need first to create a pilot project to unlock specific dimensions and to integrate required technologies on demand by the customer to POWERBIM, databases can be located on-premise or in secure cloud servers located in specific datacenter locations.

Known Issues


Company Name: BIM6D Consulting & Performance
Support Contact: info@bim6d.eu

Author/Company Information

BIM6D Consulting & Performance

Support Information

For technical support, users can contact by email to support@powerbim.io

New customers should register and fill the form in https://app.powerbim.io

For general information, you can visit https://powerbim.com and https://bim6d.eu

There is a video channel with POWERBIM samples in https://vimeo.com/channels/powerbim

Version History

Version Number Version Description


First release. BIM360 / Autodesk Docs integration. Revit / IFC / Navisworks / Dwfx and other 3d formats available to load and to merge. Creating datasets and Power Bi reports automatically from templates that can be customized by editors and consumed by guest users. GIS viewer integration. 2D+3D dimensions for a basic subscription, n dimensions, including Digital Twin for pro subscription. Multiple useful functionalities for AECO sector and other multiple ones that are included in our roadmap.
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