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matterlab's ValidationHub is an easy way to automate checks & compliance of document names in your BIM360 projects.

General Usage Instructions

To use the app, simply add it to your BIM 360 account from the Apps tab inside BIM360, refer to the BIM360 apps guide.
Head over to to start using the app once added to BIM 360.

Partner card

You can also add a partner card to your project homepage for quick stats and easy access to the app. Note the partner card feature is optional and requires the project home module.


Use the Rules tab of the application to create new validation Rules, which describe how filenames are checked and allow you to validate against international BIM standards such as ISO19650.


Once you have a rule created, you can run a validation check from the homepage against an entire BIM 360 project or a specific folder by using the Qucik Check. 


Once a check is completed explore the results to see which files aren't compliant. Export the data to CSV or JSON forn further analysis in tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Browser compatibility

ValidationHub uses the latest web technologies and works best in modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium or Opera. Support for Internet Explorer or Edge is not guaranteed.




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Support Information

Have questions, is something not working or have feedback for us ? Use the Feedback button at the bottom right of the app to directly send us a note.

Alternatively, email us at

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