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Oculo Technologies
Oculo uses 360° hard-hat cameras, mobile app, state-of-the-art computer vision and AI to give a single source of truth for onsite progress - essentially a “streetview” of your site.

General Usage Instructions

Users navigate through Oculo virtual jobwalks either directly from the Oculo platform, or via the BIM 360 Oculo Partner Card. When a user wants to create a new issue, they click the 'Create Issue' button, and highlight the area of interest. This will open up the BIM 360 Issue creation window, where fields and options are carried over from the linked BIM 360 project.

Once populated, the user clicks 'Create Issue' which creates the new Issue in Autodesk® BIM 360®, along with the link back to the location in 3D space, the floor plan location of the Issue, and an attached photo of the area of interest. From BIM 360, users are able to manage Issues as normal - and can jump back into Oculo for additional context, history, and a BIM comparison within the scene. Combining this with detailed photographs and voice notes captured during the Oculo jobwalk, automatically pinned to the relevant locations, teams are able to quickly build up a comprehensive central repository for site documentation and issue tracking.

Oculo now also supports Autodesk SSO, where BIM 360 Project members can access Oculo without needing a separate Oculo account.




Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Oculo Technologies
Company URL: https://oculo.ai/
Support Contact: help@oculo.ai

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Oculo Technologies

Support Information

For additional information or support, please visit https://help.oculo.ai/knowledge 

We are happy to help you get set up with Oculo + BIM 360 integration!

Version History

Version Number Version Description


App allowing the integration and management of BIM 360 issues within the Oculo platform. V1.2 includes: - Autodesk SSO (and option to disconnect account) - Issue floorplan location attachment in BIM 360 - Updated Partner Card with full 360 navigation and other features


App allowing the integration and management of BIM 360 issues within the Oculo platform.
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