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matterlab's SizeMyHub is the easiest way to find out how big your Autodesk® BIM 360® project and get stats on number of files, folders, total size, as well as averages for things like folder sizes

General Usage Instructions

SizeMyHub is very simple to use, there is no configuration needed and can be run at any time.


Step by step instructions

  1. Start by adding the app to your BIM 360 account from the Apps tab in BIM 360.
  2. Head over to and log in + authorise the app to read your BIM 360 data.
  3. Select the account and project you want stats for, hit SizeMyHub and wait for your project to be measured
  4. Stats are displayed for the chosen project and you can also start the process again with a different project. 

Browser compatibility

SizeMyHub uses the latest web technologies and works best in modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium or Opera. 




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