Plannerly - The BIM Management Platform

Plannerly - The BIM Management Platform

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Plannerly - The BIM Management Platform
Plannerly simplifies BIM Execution Planning (BEP), BIM management and BIM compliance. Connected with BIM 360 for model verification you will have the most integrated BIM management workflow available.

General Usage Instructions

Plannerly simplifies the BIM management workflow by allowing users to:
  • Drag and drop from hundreds of BIM standards, processes and contracts to rapidly create BIM Execution Plans.
  • Visually collaborate in a simple grid to define Geometry, Documentation and Information requirements.
  • Use a Lean design management approach to focus on continuous delivery of these tasks. 
  • Connect these model requirements to the model deliverables to achieve better BIM management, BIM compliance and happier clients. 


A. Editor submitting the model deliverable for review: 

  1. Go to the Verify module
  2. Click "Connect BIM 360"
  3. Login and select the project and model you would like to verify
  4. Filter your tasks and link elements that are ready to be reviewed
  5. Update the status of the task to be "Ready for Review"
  6. Change the status of the model to be "Shared" ready for model Verification

B. Manager Verifying the model deliverable for publishing:

  1. Filter the relevant BIM requirements to be reviewed (usually from a single company) 
  2. Click on each task and review the linked elements
  3. Verify or switch status and add comments
  4. If model is ready - switch status to "Published" so that it can be accessed and downloaded by others

Here is the short video demo of app functionality:

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Please use the in-app chat (in the bottom right corner) for questions, support and booking a demo if required. 

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Includes Plan, Scope, Schedule, Track and Verify modules.
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