Site Scan for ArcGIS

Site Scan for ArcGIS

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Site Scan for ArcGIS is the end-to-end cloud-based drone mapping software designed to revolutionize imagery collection and site management.

General Usage Instructions

  1. First, within your BIM360 Account Admin Apps enable the integration by locating Site Scan and clicking on “Add to BIM 360”. If you do not have access to your team's BIM360 Account Admin please contact your account administrator to enable the integration.
  2. After the integration has been enabled, return to Site Scan and log in to your account. Then open your account menu and click "Connect to BIM 360". Next, you will log in to your Autodesk account and connect your BIM360 projects to Site Scan. 
  3. Then you will be able to import plan files to Site Scan from the Upload > Overlays menu. Here you will find the option to browse your BIM360 projects and import files to overlay on the map.
  4. To create a BIM360 issue or RFI, click the "+" button in the lower left of the Mission 2D viewer, and "Create BIM360 Issue"



Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Esri
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Support Information

If you encounter any problems using the Site Scan app, or if you need a Site Scan account to get started, please email

Version History

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The Site Scan app allows plan files to be pulled from BIM360 into Site Scan for QA / QC workflows, and issues or RFIs to be created from Site Scan.
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