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Document your sites with drones, robots, 360 cameras and smartphones with the leading reality capture platform. Seamlessly integrate DroneDeploy with Autodesk for transformative insights.

General Usage Instructions

Getting Started

  1. Sign up or login to DroneDeploy
  2. Within your Autodesk® BIM 360™ Account Admin apps enable the integration by finding the DroneDeploy app and clicking on “Add to BIM 360”
  3. Once the integration has been enabled on BIM 360, return to DroneDeploy and connect to Autodesk Build or Autodesk BIM 360 with DroneDeploy.


Overlaying design files to aerial maps

  1. First, from your BIM 360 account, upload a PDF plan
  2. Then navigate to your DroneDeploy account
  3. Within DroneDeploy, navigate to a map and click to add overlays, you should see the Autodesk BIM 360 option.
  4. Navigate your BIM 360 directory to locate your design plan to overlay onto your DroneDeploy map
  5. Click import and align your plan to your map



  1. Within DroneDeploy, navigate to a map and click on export
  2. Select the Autodesk Build or Autodesk BIM 360 hub, project, and folder you would like to export your drone map to and hit export
  3. You should see the map from within your selected Autodesk Build or Autodesk BIM 360 project


Issue Syncing

  1. Within DroneDeploy Project Settings, connect to your Autodesk BIM 360 project
  2. Issues created in DroneDeploy can now be pushed to the Issues tool in BIM 360 Docs via the 'Send to BIM' button on the issue 




If you do not have access to your team's BIM 360 Account Admin please contact your BIM 360 account administrator to enable the integration.



Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: DroneDeploy
Support Contact: support@dronedeploy.com

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